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Fox News' panel on Pelosi's latest interview regarding additional stimulus

‘Special Report’ expert panel weigh in on Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing and Nancy Pelosi’s latest comments on stimulus stalemate. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Nancy is disgusting.

  2. Avatar

    Impeach Polosi.
    Time for change.

  3. Avatar

    I hate how nancy pelosi think everybody is an idiot except herself
    Shes always tellin people that they dont know. You dont kno this you dont know that. Well tell us how its done nancy???

  4. Avatar

    Why you don't answer ! AS*. HOLD !

  5. Avatar

    What ever happened to the word United

  6. Avatar

    a group of idiots go after a smart persom

  7. Avatar

    Smartest most balanced person in the room by miles!

  8. Avatar

    Swamp Donkey Pelonky is a traitor, plain and simple. Her seizing up of the entire legislative branch to block the vote on the relief package is nothing short of TREASON, BETRAYAL of the American people. These people are Socialists, Communists at heart. That's why they bed down with China so snuggly. These people answer directly to the Chinese communist party and they know that Trump has their number.

  9. Avatar

    Soooo amazing, CNN on the attack at dim politicians now so when trump wins they'll get some praise maybe. Two faced CNN, heh.

  10. Avatar

    I think Nancy's plan is simple keep America in despair into the election if they give out money now it will only help Trump

  11. Avatar

    CRAZY NANCY is not going to agree to anything. NEVER TRUMP above all else!!!!!

  12. Avatar

    This is so stupid, if you don't have to answer any questions about anything because it might "compromise" your nomination process then why would you need notes?

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    Haven't seen Bill B. for awhile! Nice to see ya, mister!

  15. Avatar

    I for one would love to see & hear Wolf & other's with MSM hammer Biden on various issues like he did with Pelosi!

  16. Avatar

    This has nothing to do with vetting a potential judge but rather about fishing to better understand how she will operate so they can plan accordingly on the issues they are already planning on bringing up.

    Abortion, Health Care and Guns are large money makers for Democrats in general. They are misusing their "power" to fish for the details of whether ACB can work for them. This is how they are making the decision rather than on the merits of meeting all the requirements.

    The whole Senate needs reform as it has become incompetent where it matters most. They even had one Senator acting and voicing an unfounded accusation like a complete idiot. Just rename the Senate the "Circus", sell popcorn and watch the clown cars roll in carrying the "Senators" in face masks, a.k.a. clown face paint.

  17. Avatar

    Puski doesn't represent the people. But herself 👿

  18. Avatar

    She is an impressive lady !!! I'm glad to see her nominated for the supreme court

  19. Avatar

    NASTY NANCY / PONTIUS PELOSI let me translate.
    We want extra money so it goes into OUR special interest (progressive) coffers!!!

  20. Avatar

    Nancy does not represent the people!! When she is back home in california she has nothing to do with anyone who makes less then 150000 a year. She only involved her self with the top 1% of California. Living good, spending good, fine restaurants, new cars, fine wines. Who's she fooling. She's never in the trenches. And now holding up millions of relief for all Americans just so she can say I won. No we are seeing Nancy Pelosi has no intention of making a deal until January. That's insane. The tens of thousands of business that will collapse will further through the Nation into Depression

  21. Avatar
    Margarita Fagundo

    Crazy pelosi🤪🤪🤪

  22. Avatar
    Roman Inderbitzin

    Pelosi needs to go!!!

  23. Avatar

    Thats one thing we can all agree on. Release the final stimulus check!!! Or else the American people from BOTH sides will have a little talk with Nancy at her door. Does everyone agree?

  24. Avatar

    Where's mrs Ford ? I thought for sure she would want to make some kind of accusation

  25. Avatar

    It's a standoff, that's all it is. Pelosi wants Trump to bow to her as his equal. They're both immature.

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar
    Scundoor Scundoor


    All HALE TRUMP 💋❤️👏

  28. Avatar
    Adorably Deplorable

    When you don’t tell lies, you have no need for notes.

  29. Avatar

    AWWWWWWW Brett why would you CUT the BEST part of Kolbuchar ?
    She said she was suppose to be sitting there BAHAHAHAH
    Please play the funny's cause this is hillarious !

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