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Fox News' expert panel breaks down Pence, Harris debate performance

Fox News’ panel weighs in on key issues during the debate. #FoxNews

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    Wow, Chris thinks Harris is qualities to be in the White House as Vice President or President. What America is going to be? Imagine. Chris you are disqualified to be watched.

  3. Avatar

    Gee a panel of trump haters at fox. Who gives sh!+ what these people think. They live in a bubble they made and wana call it reality. Self important people congratulating themselves for being themselves. Pathetic! !!! God is still in controll. Not these people.

  4. Avatar

    Biden will raise taxes end fracking force green deal down our throats Biden is way to old and not mentally stable enough to be a leader of this country

  5. Avatar

    Biden did not win the debate she was doing nothing but lieing to the American people

  6. Avatar
    robert desmarais

    Kamala Harris Came off very juvenile bouncing around obviously nervous obviously juvenile Obviously lying and didn’t answer the questions about fracking the Green New deal, packing the court let’s get on his people. This panel really didn’t answer anything they were all skittish

  7. Avatar

    Chris Wallace, you’re a disgrace, all dirty democrats and liberals are. This female moderator was just as bad if not worse than you, somehow.

  8. Avatar

    Biden/Harris 💯✊

  9. Avatar

    hater kamala quote: "the rioting wont stop and it shouldnt"

  10. Avatar

    Brazile's comment is bull.The biggest complaint about Trump is his mannerisms and personality so NO criticizing Kamala's off putting mannerisms is not manifest sexism.

  11. Avatar

    She is very rude like Joe Biden, laughing and smiling during debate and nothing was funny. Rude and weird!

  12. Avatar

    Mike Pense is supposed to be a Christian but lies as much as Trump. I wonder if he shares mother like Jerry Falwell jr is that the new evangelical fad

  13. Avatar
    Christopher White

    Hope Fox reads these comments!!!!…. Take heed….. most ALL were THRILLED with panel of "experts"!!!!!!!!……(lol). Fox is dying!……

  14. Avatar
    robert desmarais

    I like Dana definitely tres to play it Safe-she’s afraid to lose her job she doesn’t really speak up How Harris came up short

  15. Avatar

    Shut up Wallace

  16. Avatar

    I thought Harris was over animated and rude putting her hand up to Pence. Harris is disliked by most. Far too radical even for Democrats.

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar

    Chris Wallace thought kamala looked presidential? This guy is a disgrace.

  19. Avatar

    "Obey God and leave ALL the Consequences . . to Him."

  20. Avatar

    Breaking news – the fly on Pence's head now has COVID.

  21. Avatar

    Expert panel! F…. Off!

  22. Avatar

    Fraudulent Donna Brazile, down-vote.

  23. Avatar

    Don’t worry, I am judging her by her record

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