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Four years on – Trump’s promise to build a wall on Mexican border is unfulfilled – BBC News

With days to go to the US presidential election more than 60 million Americans have already taken advantage of early voting, breaking all records.

Fours years ago, Donald Trump made the issue of immigration into the United States across the Mexican border a central issue of his campaign.

He promised to build a wall across the border, to prevent illegal migration.

Huw Edwards presents the first of a series of special reports on the US election from Clive Myrie.

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    Oh my, BBC is upset because Trump didn't build the wall that will prevent the illegals to enter the country

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    If this was a Cross who would be in paradise.
    This is so biblical.

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    Julian Lawrence-Ball

    And Hilary is still not in prison as well 😂

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    God bless President Trump!!! My great grandparents came here legally not illegally. Those cages along the Mexican border were built by Obama and Biden. Fact

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    Murphoi The game guy

    Thegatewaypundit.com to see hunter bidens laptop

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    Us blue collar worker are also a part of Trumps America.Trump 2020 MAGA

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    Democracy is finished …

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    Raymond Kracinski

    400 plus miles complete…Mexico paying the bill.

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    How dare you discuss you US master ?!

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    Donald Rohrbacher

    As Trump steals money from our military to build it.

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    Brits for biden….1-2 biden.ladbrokes.

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    Sorry to burst your bubble BBC – Trump will win again and people don’t listen to you anymore; your caught in your own echo chamber wishing for Biden and your ‘polls’ to be true- tell me this as visual clue- when do you see a crowd at Biden’s rally🧐

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    Trump is twatted. Blame bbc.

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    George LoL 😂

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    horrible dishonest propaganda by dirty lying BBC peedo filth

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    Biden's robbing 1 rich(lost one vote) and giving to 50k poor is good for him ( get 50k votes), is bad for the poor, because all rich and big companies will exit the USA. that is communism revolution method and American are fooled by thug politicians,

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    Walls don't last their purpose.

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    This is so much bullshit fake news shit. BBC trying to tell us about America. Illegal aliens are wrong legal immigrants are legal and fine. Isn’t brexit about Europe telling you who can enter your country. This isn’t your house BBC it belongs to Americans nobody else.

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    If you feel a need to lock the outside world out, then the outside world has won. It now dominates you completely.

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