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Four Takeaways From the Final Trump-Biden Debate | WSJ

In their final debate, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden agreed on little but had serious conversations about the coronavirus pandemic and the economy. WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib unpacks the themes that will resonate in the home stretch of the election. Photos: Julio Cortez/Associated Press; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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  1. Avatar

    Wow, nice video. Other news men take notice!!
    As for the Debate as always they are what they are, a free commercial for the candidates.
    Didn’t move my needle.
    MAGA 2020.

  2. Avatar
    willieboy3011 Jonas

    Democrats promise to take my guns (estimated 150 million American gun owners), my health insurance (180 million Americans), my gasoline/diesel powered car and heat/AC for my home produced by oil/coal/natural gas powered energy (All 330 million Americans) at a cost of $53 trillion (Medicare -for All) and $93 trillion (Green Plan) over 10 year span. The entire US budget is <$5 trillion. Besides bankrupting America for the Global Warming religion the Cap and Trade scam will redistribute wealth, Marxist style.
    Now ask me who I voted for? It is not the totalitarian party of Dementia Joe.

  3. Avatar

    1. Biden
    2. Is
    3. A
    4. Liar

  4. Avatar

    Know who said what directly from trump or biden : https://talktovideos.com/trumpvsbiden

  5. Avatar

    Trump had all the power yet he squandered it on petty politics, infighting and inefficient or no strategies. Vote Biden/ Harris 2020

  6. Avatar

    Wow a serious debate, they were both seriously lying. Both the republiturd and the demoturd.

  7. Avatar

    The moderation style was a lot better also. Giving them 10 seconds to respond to statements that they would have needed to interrupt for in the last debate.

  8. Avatar

    And besides recently donating billions to the worlds richest man Bill Gates Foundation, the Norwegian Oil Fund also funded Clinton foundation. Does anyone know, or can you find out if the Norwegion Oil Fund has funded Biden/Harris??

  9. Avatar

    In the framework set here, trump is truly incompetent. That's exactly what himself revealed! Real tv show man played well his role.

  10. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020. The main reason why that the pandemic isnt dying down is because eveyryone (democrats) wants to run around and play the blame game. Trump didnt release the virrus, China did. Hence why it is the china virus! Biden is running on the side of the team of, wanting people to depend on the government, he's had all this tiem to help fix the US and work together, Like Trump said all talk and no action. Biden is merely a pupper on democratic strings and the first thing that is gong to happen,if he wins the election; is he is going to enjoy his little time and then get sick and conveneintly have Harris take over as President. Then the whole world will be royally scrwed. She doesnt care about anyone except her people. Thats what you dont want to run in the white house. You wil have an even more divided America. Biden said he sees doesnt see red and blue, he sees America? LOl think again. Obama is the main reason why the USA has slowly become divided by race. He didnt care about anyone except the upper class and his people. Keep biden ot and save us from a dark winter please

  11. Avatar

    Nobody believes you joe

  12. Avatar

    Trump acting unpresidential again. Enough with conspiracy theories. Americans want results. Trump reeks of desperation. 🇺🇸

  13. Avatar

    Trump must GO!

  14. Avatar

    Trade Joe is a china Billionaire; Another former VP is a carbon billionaire.

  15. Avatar
    Benedicte Lewin Fadjar

    Trump was using doping during debate

  16. Avatar

    This narrator is way off the Mark Needs Jesus to show him REALITY!
    The people disagree with hm Trump wins in a landslide Narrator is CLUELESS

  17. Avatar

    Where’s Rudy Guiliani? Rudy was caught in hotel with 15yr old girl touching himself and ask for her number and address. 🤮

  18. Avatar
    Maria Andersen - Millionaire in 7 years


  19. Avatar

    Joe Biden responded to all of trumps stupidity Joe Biden never said he didn’t want to respond look again.

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  21. Avatar

    To be honest! Biden won the debate!
    Right now in these dangerous times we need unity and a decent leadership!
    Biden/Harris 2020 🇺🇸

  22. Avatar

    ( Biden Family Badly Corrupted ! )

  23. Avatar
    Luciana Vimentani

    With Donald J. Trump for Work, Freedom and Peace _Trump – Pence 2020_

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