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Four people die crossing English Channel in boat – including two children

Five years after images of a small boy, Alan Kurdi, washed up on a Mediterranean beach shocked the world, it has happened again – this time in the English Channel. (Subscribe:

The two children were on a small boat, carrying more than a dozen people, which got into trouble off the coast near Dunkirk.

We’re also joined by Josie Naughton, chief executive of Help Refugees.


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  1. Avatar

    Is there war in Iran? Just asking…

  2. Avatar

    Should have tried to come in legally.

  3. Avatar

    They were safe in France… stay there!!!

  4. Avatar

    Christmas comes early for the U.K. .

  5. Avatar

    Try coming over here f#####g legally then.

  6. Avatar

    No war in Iran,

  7. Avatar

    Heartbreaking. Human beings fleeing from warfare and extreme poverty.

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    Barrack Obama, George Bush, Mike Bolton and Hillary Clinton among others caused this by destabilising the middle east and Libya. Gaddafi kept relative stability on the north african coast.

  10. Avatar
    Robbie Craughwell

    Now mainstream news want to report on the inevitable! Four lives too late.

  11. Avatar

    WHY are they coming here? What is it about the UK they want?

  12. Avatar

    Well thats some savings for the British tax payer.

  13. Avatar

    Lefty do gooders. What a load of twats.

  14. Avatar
    imaner76 [Him n' her 76]

    Imagine being so desperate that you give all that you own and put your own family at risk to get away from something.

  15. Avatar

    So France actually did some very small thing, but again way too late,

  16. Avatar

    We should stop encouraging them to come over, block booking hotels , clothes , cash. We don’t want them.

  17. Avatar

    Not government fought they were illegal put are treated like kings compared to the war veterans on streets like animals

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    Maybe idk go to the immigration office in France? Radical idea I know! But stranger things have happened. Am I right? Shook!

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    Check My Playlist

    Stay in France or anywhere else but here

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    Oh no! Who could have seen that coming 🙄

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    Dominus Lucretius

    Their not refugees if they are coming from France. Economic travelers. They may have to work in France

  24. Avatar

    Please stop coming.

  25. Avatar

    Conservatives are to weak to stop this so more people will die under their watch.

  26. Avatar

    The "children" will turn out to be 25.

  27. Avatar

    How did the child “fall” into the water?

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    Pangolin Steak & Bat Gravy

    roll on winter. Cant come soon enough

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    The UK government have been desperately trying to solve this problem with little help from France or Human Rights charities on either side who obstruct the process. So really this was expected once the weather changed what did they expect. But as always human rights lawyers will only ever cite government accountability. So until the UK Government can attempt to change laws or rules in 2021 hands are tied.

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    So this toilet bowl filling is claiming that France is not a safe country, just because they do not give money away and provide four star accommodation.

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  32. Avatar

    Criminals dying in the act of criminality of leaving a safe country attempting to enter another illegally…

  33. Avatar
    david braithwaite

    so what its not our fualt they should stay in europe they are safe there and we the people a sick to death of paying billions for this scum invading our country

  34. Avatar

    Winter is the best time to travel the north sea in a rubber boat.

  35. Avatar

    Should of stayed in France then.

  36. Avatar

    45 year old "children". I feel nothing . I feel far more for the victims of "refugee" Abedi.

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    France is a safe country why Come to England when it's safe there. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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    Blame France and the government

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    What is the refugees spokesperson talking about "they have a right to claim in the UK from another safe EU country" The inability by Human Rights Charities to see a wider picture beyond their one dimensional and rigid narrative. That means blind legal migrant representation at all times regardless of the circumstance . Where they see only government accountability is really quite juvenile and simplistic . What help or sense of balance do the UK government get it trying to resolve the problem, they can only do so much without cooperation.

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    If they don't even know what boat sank then it goes to show how incompetent they are at their job. They are paid to know this stuff.

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