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Former Trump campaign insider on ‘Project Alamo’ speaks out

For the last month, we have been reporting on how the Trump campaign collected the personal data of hundreds of millions of Americans, and used it to target them on social media during the 2016 election. (Subscribe:

Tonight, we’ve spoken to one man who worked inside the digital war room, making the very messages that were sent to millions of voters the campaign wanted to dissuade from voting.

Leo Reyes has never spoken publicly about what happened inside “Project Alamo” – the digital operation that was based here in Texas – and his role in Donald Trump’s victory.
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    He’s got the numbers again. Long weeks ahead. Brace yourselves xo

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    Hiw is this news ,
    I don’t get , all I can hear him say is that he did his job ,
    He worked for the trump campaign, you modify videos to more attention , as long as you’re not lying you’re good to go bro

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    Baiden = 🇨🇳, Trump = 🇺🇸

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    All down to Brad P ❤️👊

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    This is your daily dose of propaganda

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    What about "China Joe"

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    Mia's Musings: My Thoughts and Memories

    cry baby

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    How this kid didn’t see that Trump was going to win is amazing. Anyone who had eyes and ears in 2016 knew what the results would be. It’s 2020 and same situation.

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    In 2016, I was getting tons of negative spam videos about Hillary Clinton – Even though I don't even live in the US; nor am I US citizen. That is how aggressive these campaigners were.

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    oRAngE mAN baaaaaD!!!

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    Wanting to get a job and support his family, basically Mussolini

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    Funny this video targeted me using the same concept but of course, that's different ……

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    Spoken like a true traitor.

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