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Former RNC chair Michael Steele endorses Biden for President

From 2009 to 2011 Michael Steele was the Chair of the Republican National Committee, running the national party.

He’s always voted Republican, but for this election he’s calling on voters to elect the Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

He explained why to Sky’s Dermot Murnaghan.

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  1. Avatar

    WHO: lockdowns achieve absolutely nothing but make your poor poorer, Sly News: Silence.

  2. Avatar

    He managed to get popular with people feeling downtrodden and ignored. Let's cancel them, that will help!

  3. Avatar

    This won't be as good for the Dems as they think it is. This only confirms trump narrative that he's an outsider the establishment wants to take out.

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    No one cares. My entire family and my entire state endorses Trump!!

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    This is what I have a problem with. Joe is selliñg us out to China and this nitch has got his feelings hurt.

  7. Avatar

    More pro Biden news .. showing what side Sky News is supporting. Every time I see sky push out their pro Biden news the more I love Trump

  8. Avatar

    Story on Biden’s son laptop by any chance ? No of course not .. we can make the old touching creepy person sniffing people lover look bad

  9. Avatar

    RINO-part of the deep state swamp

  10. Avatar

    I see Sly Fake News are STILL refusing to cover the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which shows that Joe Biden has taken money from dodgy Chinese business people. Corrupt to the core, and Sly News are complicit in that corruption, by their silence.

  11. Avatar

    This just confirms Biden is the deep state choice. Qanon was right

  12. Avatar

    Nobody cares RINO

  13. Avatar

    The sins of the father are revisited on the son.

  14. Avatar

    Another puppet sellout

  15. Avatar

    A swamp creature endorsing a swamp creature… drain the swamp

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