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Former NYPD detective examines Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman’s actions to divert rioters

Kirk Burkhalter, a former NYPD detective, examined the confrontation between Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman and rioters who entered the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    He should have pushed the Q'Anon guy right back down the stairs!

  2. Avatar

    This is the guy deserving a medal. Not Jim Jordan or some big wig football coach.

  3. Avatar

    That officer was really brave.

  4. Avatar

    He was completely outnumbered.

  5. Avatar

    So basically the cop gave the rioters an access on the first floor and an access towards the second floor? There were so many doors that were open on the first floor and second floor, yet the cop didn’t bother to close them all leaving the rioters an access to all of them.

  6. Avatar

    Leading them away from the house representatives – a true hero.

  7. Avatar

    How did they get that far?

  8. Avatar

    I hadn't picked up on why he kept retreating. I'd wondered. Also, most network feeds didn't show him collecting reinforcements at the very end, just him retreating. Biased coverage? Great analysis, thank you!

  9. Avatar

    Sheep.. The entire thingbwas staged

  10. Avatar

    They were sheep to begin with 🙂

  11. Avatar

    In this case, I would support the officer shooting these people because he feared for his life!

  12. Avatar

    A "Black man" saved white folks, WOW! but some of you will never ever get it, this is how we "minorities" as you like to label us are raised, to defend, protect this country that hates us to the bone! Our Parents

  13. Avatar

    I hope I get to see rubber bullets and tear gas next time. These people are not patriots. They’re a mob of seditionists.

  14. Avatar

    The push tied the rioter into a personal interaction. The officer played to the guy's macho ego. Great move.

  15. Avatar

    bad a55 officer right there.he easily manipulated them to follow him lol.

  16. Avatar

    Clearly yall dont see what I'm seeing here they were all in this together he shouldn't have lead them anywhere but outside and to a patty wagon they had no business inside he is a coward not a hero we pay him to protect not to run like a b….

  17. Avatar

    I love him ❤️, he's a wonderful person, My gratitude for him!! Makes me so proud!!

  18. Avatar

    He is a hero.

  19. Avatar

    I think he did a great job,🤗 l commend him.🏆That had to be one of the scariest moment in his Life Time. And you Survived. God be the Glory 🙏🏾

  20. Avatar
    Dreadnought Sicherheit

    Give me a break. This Capital Officer was in full retreat. There was nothing strategic involved.

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