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Former Met diversity chief says stop and search 'traumatising community'

Police have carried out the highest number of stop-and-searches in seven years, with the figure rising by more than 50% in 12 months, according to official statistics published today. (Subscribe:

Between April last year and March this year (before lockdown) there were over half a million stops. And Black people were nine times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people.

The numbers were even higher during lockdown. In May alone, the Met carried out nearly 43,000 stops, compared to 21,000 a year earlier.

During lockdown the Met stopped young Black men nearly 22,000 times – the equivalent of more than a quarter of black 15-24 year olds in the capital.

In this report, we hear a personal view from Victor Olisa. He used to lead stop-and-search in London, and was seconded to the Home Office to help redraft the rules.

To discuss the police’s use of stop-and-search tactics, we’re also joined by Metropolitan Police Commander Jane Connors, who is the head of Violence Reduction, which oversees stop-and-search.

We’re also joined by Sayce Holmes-Lewis, a community activist who has helped train Met police officers.


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    Oh no! It’s traumatizing?!
    Gosh! We’d better not do it then.

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    Sadly the cop is brain dead. They want another Brixton.

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    i still get nightmares about poor black bank manager who got harrased , fucking disgracefull cunts

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    This man said he was behind stop and search, and now it is getting worse. Did he really think stop and search was ever good or better than it is now? He must have rocks in his head. lol Out of the thousands of stop of searches Police make in the black community 76% are completely wrong or done in the wrong manner. And knife crime is going up too.

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    Ok. All sides of this argument based on institutional racism miss the point that the police exist as a tool of capitalism – to protect private property, status quo hierarchy and to ensure there is a precarious working class. To the extent that capitalism is institutionally racist so are the police. It's inescapable.

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    Наталья Лескова


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    I remember growing up in a rough area back in the early to mid 2000.

    Me and my friends was stopped and searched 3, 4, sometimes 5 times in a day.

    If me and my friends was in a group, we was stopped and the police split us all up into groups of 2 and 3.

    That's my lived experience and I'm white, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    I don't scream racism because I know I lived in a s#it area 😉

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    The tyrants of the new legislation is comparable to the dictatorship by the British in South Africa in MANDELA..
    Long Walk to Freedom and Kenya..alongside the oppression of the Commonwealth…👻👻👻👻👻

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    Sadly knife crime is so bad in the uk but no solution

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    I remember getting nicked at Victoria coach station in the 1980s . I'm white. I was 17 and had a rectal examination and was put in a cell, naked, all night with a drunk man passed out on the floor. IV always been an upstanding supporter of the old bill untill now. They can go FC themselves with their political policing. The people who opposed Peel were correct.

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    That Met Commander has a carrier ahead of her in politics. She can waffle, bullshit, spin and obfuscate as well as any politician I have ever seen.

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    Shes not veering from the script. Literally

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    This is your daily dose of propaganda

  16. Avatar

    Seems nothing never changes

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    "traumatising" ohhhhhh, dont be such a sensitive snowflake, many countries got S&S policy and it works well agains idiots carrying knifes, MORE STOP AND SEARCH IN UK !!!!

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    You must accept Robbery, Rape and Murder.

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    Commander Connors ain't got a clue met are the biggest racist force followed by West mercia force pure racist 🐷 you're officer work really hard to have their racist agendas to be pushed through to eff over local folks! Commander Connors you're full of poo!

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    Trust Ch4 not to put this in context. 70% of knife crime (according to the met) is carried out by non-whites.

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    Ch4 have ‘forgotten’ to put this in context. According to the met, 70% of knife crime is committed by non-whites.

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    Verðandi Soldusty

    Another tory automaton. Dead in the eyes psychopath.

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