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Former King of Spain Juan Carlos leaves country amid scandals

Speculation is rife over the whereabouts of Spain’s former king Juan Carlos – after he said he was going into exile amid a financial scandal. (Subscribe:

Investigators are looking into the ex monarch’s alleged role in a deal to build a high speed rail link in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Avatar

    The rich always run

  2. Avatar

    In spanish "corona" means "crown". The real virus that infect Spain

  3. Avatar

    Time for prince Andrew

  4. Avatar

    Does he have to quarantine for 14 days in his arrival country?

  5. Avatar

    Why not change back to republic country.

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    He was installed by the Vatican to control money flows from the spanish cocaine operations in south america. Nixon created the DEA and then Juan Carlos came back and Nixon was impeached.

  8. Avatar

    He can play golf with Prince Andrew. Before they both end up in jail.

  9. Avatar
    Mynames Beennicked

    Spains going back into fascism like everywhere else.

  10. Avatar

    why do we tolerate the ELITE! off with their heads.

  11. Avatar

    Horrible type

  12. Avatar

    Monarchs need to fall, we can start with our own in the UK hiding the child rapist Prince Andrew

  13. Avatar
    x Reach The Stars x

    Prince Andrew?

  14. Avatar

    Ppl should b very careful .. I hear fascism is the new vacuum.

  15. Avatar

    Runaway king 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Avatar

    He’s hiding in Pizza Express

  17. Avatar

    Bonito exilio, manda huevos:
    A que jugáis?
    Abajo los Borbones del atado y bien atado.

  18. Avatar

    all the ruling classes are corrupt…..specially royals of the world.

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