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Former Facebook Engineer Speaks Out About Misinformation, Hate Speech On Platform | NBC Nightly News

After more than five years at Facebook Ashok Chandwaney walked away from their engineering job last month, citing the company’s unwillingness to stop rampant hate speech and racism on the platform.
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Former Facebook Engineer Speaks Out About Misinformation, Hate Speech On Platform | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    everyone delete facebook

  2. Avatar

    This Little girl will have an interesting time….the future is not "her" friend*

  3. Avatar

    Q.a.n.o.n is a movement to think for yourself and to not believe everything the media and politicians tell you. Brought forth by Military officials on the inside tired of this country's corruption. Do your research. In doing so, you will find a Cabal that runs the world and is losing its grasp due to the fight that Trump is pushing since his inauguration. He can not be bought. When someone says "Deep State" they mean Cabals that are so powerful, they hold/have held high positions in power and do with the world what they please. Nothing is off limits. Where do the missing children go? This is one of many crimes they excel in and they have hid amongst us and our leaders for decades.

  4. Avatar
    FederalReserve Brown

    hate speech is free speech, get over it,, and '' hate'' is used for censorship

  5. Avatar

    From "their" job?

  6. Avatar

    Its called freedom speech, brah. Even when ppl say things you don't agree with. Especially when you don't agree. I see you had an issue with the kyle rittenhouse incident. I suspect you didn't when antifa made groups (). This is why free speech is important. We all have personal slants and biases. Its not our job to censor. But, its also your prerogative to leave as well for personal reasons, I can respect that but don't agree with censorship based on your opinion of what counts as hate

  7. Avatar

    I have 5 Facebook accounts, and I have not logged into them since 2016, and I have also disable ALL notifications.

  8. Avatar

    Why does this interviewer keep referring to the young man as 'they'? She does it twice, later saying 'there' it sounds really unpleasant and unprofessional. He's clearly a man and clearly an individual not a plural!

  9. Avatar

    Facebook should be removed completely. We should boycott all companies advertising in facebook.

  10. Avatar

    Trump was literally censored by Twitter for quoting the OFFICIAL CDC
    statistic showing Covid is less deadly than seasonal flu !!! – It's
    out of control now, I don't even like Trump, but it's blatantly clear
    there are very wealthy dangerous corporations, billionaires, and
    Governmental cabals that are lying to the world about Covid – This is
    about making $$$ from covid drugs and control of our societies — It's
    getting scary when these shady people are openly censoring the President
    of the United States Of America !!!

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar
    Debbie Marszowski


  13. Avatar

    I left Facebook long ago when no one was talking about this,but thank goodness,am right,what I saw years back and quite Facebook has broken to be truth and I am thankful for those with courage now to speak up cos is reaching a fever peak.

  14. Avatar

    Complicit I believe it. That man is not disgruntled he left😅🤣😅✌

  15. Avatar

    Money über alles….

  16. Avatar
    Sasha Chi town Villegas

    it's a bunch of gossip. period. i have an account but rarely go on the past few years ….

  17. Avatar

    it's a granny social media app.

  18. Avatar

    It's traitor trump's inaction, corruption and lies that's killed 200,000 Americans. The same goes for the GOP Senate and gop governors. We actually don't know when trump got the virus, if he really does. Either trump's lying about getting the virus or he's lying about when he got it.

    Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago club hosted a black-tie “Safari Night” fundraiser for a favorite charity of one of his older sisters. The event included Chinese dancers, a silent art auction and one unusual guest: Sergey Danilochkin, a Russian real estate investor. Danilochkin said, “is that we met a lot of people here who speak Russian.” Another person that attended the gala- Li “Cindy” Yang, the former owner of the Jupiter massage parlor at the center of the prostitution investigation that netted criminal charges. Yang posted photos of herself at the event on a website for her consulting business. The business claimed to offer Chinese clients access to Trump, his family and his advisers at Mar-a-Lago and at the White House, among other places.

  19. Avatar

    Corp greed is also paying sky high taxes, law suits, wages and benefits, sick days, holidays, severance, etc, spoiling America

  20. Avatar

    When did USA become filled with such hand wringers? Smelling salts must be in high demand by guys like this guy

  21. Avatar

    So exciting to see non-binary representation on national television. Thank you for sharing this story!

  22. Avatar

    Anybody seen COVID?

  23. Avatar

    The government should regulate Facebook NOW. They must be held accountable. No more free passes!

  24. Avatar

    so white people are the only one who hate? wtf
    why don't they ever mention the racism of black lives matter?

  25. Avatar

    Clearly Facebook is corrupt, they cannot override Constitutional freedoms

  26. Avatar

    Facebook has a lot of problems….it Trump Support ed!

  27. Avatar

    I have not had a Facebook account in over 10 years. Way too much negativity follows this app…too busy living my best life, not being a Facebook troll.

  28. Avatar
    April Salty-snarkasm

    Mark Zuckerberg is a Lizard and I'll never regret deleting my account! It's total trash

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