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Former Baltimore mayor discusses Breonna Taylor settlement

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake details what’s needed for Louisville, Kentucky, to move forward after a massive settlement was reached between the city and Taylor’s family.

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    Tatumreport.com … Read up on the facts

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    $12 million in taxpayer money to a family who’s daughter was knowingly living and operating in a trap house

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    The chances are high that she is in hell. 12 million dollars won't raise her for from the dead. Just like floyd and so many more she did more for her family by dropping dead then she did in all the days of her lousey life.

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    Will the community welcome police officers to live in their community?

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    There… BLM has defunded police. 😆

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    They got their money. Can we talk about something more important now?

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    One less drug dealer on the streets.

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    Someone's very happy…

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    This is your I don't know appeasement if you're stupid enough to give him money this time I guess you're going to roll over and give him your virginity next time if you're real man I mean this makes you look like a sissy probably hour

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    This is theft.

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    🐻♨️"Paul Ice" , Russian "Polaj ,Suka " .End Tremble,I am not Ice to Them.But Mind.

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    Daniel the Kentucky atheist Holland

    What happened in Louisville Kentucky is tragic makes me ashamed that I live in Kentucky and how can anyone who lives in any part of Kentucky feel safe knowing that there are police out there who go around committing hate crimes and killing other people and still has not even been charged for their crime that just scares and terrifies the hell out of me those officers need to be brought to Justice to the full extent of the law and I sincerely hope they do and the death penalty is issued to those murderous officers a disgrace to the badge they wear a disgrace to the public they served definitely sets a bad example for other law enforcement which makes the situation worse so basically the message towards other law officers is you can get away with it and do what you want badge and don't worry you won't be prosecuted for it like like God damn that scares the f*** out of me why aren't these officers behind bars facing the death penalty is what everybody in the world should be God damn asking and the next real question is when a cop goes murderous who's there to protect you? Who do you call when cops are running around shooting somebody for no goddamn reason just cuz they don't like someone already don't like the color of the person's skin that's God damn terrifying

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    Will the cop get sued if they protect themselves off duty?

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    This world is fucked

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    Handing bushels of money to the victim's survivors doesn't fix anything. The problem is that cops believe, with good reason, that if they kill someone without valid cause they will be awarded paid vacation until the media lose interest in the story.

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    Lord Night Villain

    Settling is admitting guilt.

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    Who wants to live in neighborhoods where there is crime and can't people choose to live in own homes where they want to??? If I was A police officer I wouldn't want anybody to know where I live They deserve to go home to their family and have privacy

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    How can they say they want them to be a part of the community when they say Defund the police etc…lol

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    So cops nice enough to knock on a no knock warrant when they don’t have to. But trying to avoid something like this knowing boyfriend is registered gun owner. They lie and say they didn’t know cops were there. Hmm let’s see apartments have a peep hole on the front door for the person to look out of to see who’s there. So there goes they didn’t know was cops. Also they have windows to see the mass of police cars. So basically her supposed drug dealing bf shot at the cops and they returned fire and now they did something wrong! Wtf

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    All about money disgusting

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    #Vote for President Trump to serve a second term. Do NOT trust Biden who has Dementia and Kamala Harris who flip flops from one issue to another. Don't believe the DEMORATS who desperately want your Vote and will lie and promise anything to get your vote. Save this Country from the far left and ANTIFA. #Trump2020 #KAGA2020👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

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