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Foreign outbreaks and Obama’s playbook for the future | America’s Pandemic

President Barack Obama put pandemic preparedness to the side upon taking office, focusing instead on an economy in free fall. But the 2009 outbreak of H1N1, the first flu pandemic in 40 years, made health security an urgent priority for his administration; later, it would confront the emergence of Ebola in West Africa. Through interviews with former top officials—including Dennis Carroll, Nicole Lurie, Ron Klain and Chris Kirchhoff — “Guided by the science” portrays a White House that quickly gained critical expertise and left behind a pandemic playbook for the next administration to draw upon. This video is the second of a three-part documentary series by the Washington Post. Watch them all here: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Trump supporters please do some actual research before voting for vacuous Donald J. Trump! 😥😥😥

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    Journey Of Strength

    Video on Do wuflu tests test for wuflu in comment

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    Trump 2020 for world peace and freedom for all ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿💖💗💙

    edit: this comment section is a massacre

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    When Trump got COVID he didn’t use Hydroquinone, he didn’t use bleach, he didn’t tough it out, he relied on science and medicine. Comment full of trolls and bots but, Trump is president now and he has failed to protect his staff, his family, even himself from COVID, how could he protect you.

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    I like Obama daughter but not 14 years old 🤣

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    Words to be removed from the English dictionaries worldwide: Trump, Trumps and Trumped.

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    Why don't just change the name of Chanel to Obama posts. Now media doesn't try to look nuteral they have just picked a side.

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    Humble Servant 2020

    This I don't see on the screen

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    Obama’s playbook ?
    You mean like H1N1 ?
    It’s simple, stop testing like he did ! Remember 60,000,000 people infected ?
    Then, hide the deaths under regular influenza. Like he did I !
    But, he had a BIG accomplice in accomplishing this feat !
    YOU, the media covered for him !

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    Obama was the worst POTUS

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    Obama was genuine and better president, republicans got dummy president and doing dummy work,absolutely nothing, looks like republicans don't like anyone who does good and who cares for fellow neighbours, imagine had senator had democrats majority leader, think how better America would be?

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    I miss Obama.

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    Blinded me with science. 😎

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    THE absolute WORST president in our history. He did nothing but divide and as a result we have cities burnt down.

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    What happened was Trump decided he was ignorant & could care less about the playbook & us Americans.

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    The beginnings of the story that every man, woman and child, in this country and around the world needs to hear and understand. President Obama disbanded the office tasked with pandemic preparedness and response early in his administration. However, when H1N1 and later Ebola hit, the playbook left by the Bush administration was activated.

    Both viruses were controlled with minimal loss of life…or effect on the U.S. economy. No matter how hard Trump wants to crow that Obama's response to H1N1 was a "disaster," the facts remain that the "Swine Flu" was a much different pathogen than SARS-CoV-2. Chief among those differences is pre-symptomatic/asymptomatic transmission.

    The Obama administration was primarily guided by science and the nation's public health agencies took the lead in messaging and managing a "whole of government" response.

    In the wake of both viruses, an office tasked with pandemic surveillance, detection, isolation and response had become a permanent part of the National Security Council apparatus. The Bush Playbook was updated and revised, and recommendations and funding requests, including replenishment of the national stockpile were issued.

    Republicans in Congress are responsible for what Trump hyperbolically refers to as a depleted stockpile, not President Obama or his administration. Likewise, the Trump administration is responsible for ignoring the pandemic playbook they inherited, as well as disbanding the NSC office on pandemic response.

    These failures, coupled with overt politicization of the virus, of mitigation efforts, of therapeutics and now vaccines, contributed to the abject failure that is the Trump administration's "response" to the greatest health crisis of the past 102 years.

    Further, this mismanagement led to the greatest economic crisis of the past 91 years.

    Both crises are much worse than either should be. They're continuing much longer than either should, as well.

    Great reporting and presentation Washington Post. Please keep up the great work!

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    Noone is smarter then trump just look at the shape of America….its so great isn't it…..NOT….the trump virus is not going away any time soon…..basic comman sense…that does not exist in this administration at all…..

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    Why are you focusing on a former Presidents plans for the future?? His reign of terror is over, focus on where our current President is taking us. An ex President is of little use to us, Trump is our President like it or not, we voted him in, deal with it 🙏🏻🇺🇸 speaking of viruses, it’s great that the flu isn’t taking lives this year isn’t it? If you haven’t looked, the CDC has updated it’s covid related death numbers, also there’s a tidbit about ineffective testing you might want to report on rather than more ‘ Bad Trump’ propaganda disguised as news 🙄

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