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For Clues to Biden's VP Pick, Look to History | WSJ

As speculation grows over Joe Biden’s selection of a running mate, WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib looks at past picks for clues into what factors the former vice president will consider, and why this year’s choice is more important than ever. Photo: Getty Images

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  1. Avatar

    Biden will NOT be the nominee, 9 women have now come out to accuse him

  2. Avatar
    Roosevelt Brentwood

    you heard it hear first folks, Bidens VP candidate will be a twelve year old girl with nice smelling hair.

  3. Avatar

    Look for a pick based on skin color, sex organs and woke value and not based on any experience or capability whatsoever.

  4. Avatar

    If Biden picks OAC or Warren we’ll have Orange Face for four more years. I’m hoping for Michael Bennett of Colorado. Experienced but young enough to offset concerns about Biden’s age. Joe, learn by McCain’s mistake.

  5. Avatar
    XxClickBait HostagexX

    It will be a black female the Democrats do not care one bit about character or experience only color of skin matters

  6. Avatar

    It won't mean anything, because everyone knows Biden doesn't have a chance. By the way typical YouTube liberal algorithm that puts up a 868 views video on the trending page. Funny how fox News is never listed.

  7. Avatar

    😆Take the LAUGH CHALLENGE😂U will LAUGH at least 3 times.GUARANTEED!
    Stay safe and God Bless.

  8. Avatar

    I don’t gaf how picks not make any different

  9. Avatar

    for clues look to hillary… i mean history.

  10. Avatar

    Wrong about warren. True lefties see her for the snake she is

  11. Avatar

    Biden will pick the yellow one .

  12. Avatar

    lol who cares!

  13. Avatar

    Please pick Elisabeth Warren

  14. Avatar
    toybugen Goodman

    that would be the worst ticket in democrat history. does not matter which person on that list he chooses

  15. Avatar

    I hope don’t pick the homeless Stacy abrams she’s look like she’s a killer the way she’s look special her nasty Hair

  16. Avatar

    Just hope that #Biden doesn't select Hilary Clinton. Selecting Hilary would only continue the divide in the democratic party.

  17. Avatar

    Biden won't win anyway Shrug

  18. Avatar
    Drams O'Scotch

    Lulz. Trump/Pence are gonna annihilate Biden/Whoever.

  19. Avatar

    The dude can’t even form a single sentence

  20. Avatar

    It ain't happening captain

  21. Avatar

    Wish he’d pick Bernie 😞

  22. Avatar

    Whoever can pass the sniff test is golden👍🏻

  23. Avatar
    Darron Trowbridge

    Four or for? Grammer is key.

  24. Avatar
    research and development

    creepy joe for prison 2020

  25. Avatar

    Are there any female gay minority disabled ugly fat mentally handicapped Democrats? That will be the choice. Need to tick as many of those boxes as possible you know…Also, no experience necessary!

  26. Avatar

    He just shot himself in the foot by selecting a woman.

  27. Avatar

    Why is he still running?! Please. This buffoonery has to end.

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