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Fly that landed on Mike Pence head becomes VP debate star

A fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head has become the star of the vice presidential debate after the Republican went head-to-head with Kamala Harris. The fly was on Pence’s head for over one minute, which proved more than enough time to grow its notoriety online. Democratic candidate Joe Biden used the opportunity to raise money for his campaign, while multiple Twitter account where setup on the fly’s behalf

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Pretty fly for a white guy: insect on Mike Pence’s head upstages vice-president ►

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence clash over coronavirus response in vice-presidential debate ►

VP debate live: Kamala Harris slams Mike Pence over coronavirus response and healthcare ►

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    Pretty fly for a white guy: insect on Mike Pence's head upstages vice-president ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/07/fly-mike-pence-vice-presidential-debate-pink-eye
    Kamala Harris and Mike Pence clash over coronavirus response in vice-presidential debate ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/07/debate-kamala-harris-mike-pence-latest-news
    VP debate live: Kamala Harris slams Mike Pence over coronavirus response and healthcare ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2020/oct/07/debate-latest-vice-presidential-kamala-harris-mike-pence-news-updates-tonight-2020

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    Washington post just confirm that was a fly drone in his hair

  3. Avatar

    The Lord of the Flies spoke

  4. Avatar

    The fly totem has also been known to represent lies, gossip, excuses, and anything that's dirty or impure. … The fly spirit animal symbolizes abundance and prosperity during times of adversity. It sends the message that by being persistent, consistent, and determined even in the face of tragedy will result to victory.

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    Why do I keep reading comments

    Do we all have nothing better do? Seriously?Did we really click on video about a Fly in VP debate then headed down to the comment section of said "Fly" video? Um… ya… that's my que to go to bed. See ya'll in the morning.

  6. Avatar

    Absolutely it’s a democrat fly

  7. Avatar

    Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  8. Avatar

    I’m just glad his lizard-like tongue didn’t involuntarily lick it off!!

  9. Avatar

    Looks to me like the lord of the flies beelzebub was trying to distract , he didn't like all the lies coming from Kamalas and Bidens mouths, finally being exposed by Pence!

  10. Avatar

    Remember a fly landed on Hillary's face during the last debate, and also several times on Obama as well.

  11. Avatar

    the fly lands when pence says "… a great insult"

  12. Avatar



    01:03 Really nice 👌 💋💞

  13. Avatar

    The fly was brought in to reassure the viewers he was bullshitting

  14. Avatar

    The moment I saw that fly I died a little inside thinking about all the ridiculous articles and videos that the media would make. Report on real news, what is this entertainment nonsense?

  15. Avatar

    What was beautiful timing…WOW!! 🤣🤣

  16. Avatar

    When you serve the Lord of the Flies, He marks you quite clearly…

  17. Avatar

    Rest assured that the fly is sent and is guided by Putin, AH !!! Those Russians, they will never stop bugging America. 🐝🐜🕷🕸

  18. Avatar

    You know the Left have come out defeated when all they can report on is a sodding fly.
    Trump will win this election by a LANDSLIDE 💯

  19. Avatar

    Trying to distract from the peodphile ring in the Democratic Party

  20. Avatar
    firstname lastname

    Bet he longs for the days when he had dark hair. You couldn't ask for more contrasting colors than that fly and his hair.

  21. Avatar

    Mike Pestilence

  22. Avatar

    This guy is not only presidential but a godly man

  23. Avatar

    These globalists are using trained flies to sabotage the republican party now :/

  24. Avatar

    Attracted to the stench.

  25. Avatar
    Beauregard Burnside III

    If that was Trump's head the fly would never be able to escape

  26. Avatar

    Listen to Black Sabbath.

  27. Avatar

    “And this is a great insult”, then here comes the housefly.
    I wonder what can be insulting than that. Giving a very serious speech then an housefly lands on your head 🤭

  28. Avatar

    Fly: "He's Full of 💩."

  29. Avatar

    One thing you can say about the Vice President, is that there are no flies on Mike Pence. No, wait….

  30. Avatar

    Flies can smell covid!

  31. Avatar
    Garys youtube account

    it mistaken him as a corpse

  32. Avatar

    🤣 Trump and Pence think they won, but they were the biggest joke and I was all the BuZzz 🐝 ……….. No autographs folks, I don’t have thumbs!

  33. Avatar

    Here’s the Headline: Housefly Hangs Out On Hair of Horrible Half-Human!

  34. Avatar

    sturdy like a rock despite the distraction

  35. Avatar

    it was me

  36. Avatar

    American politics is so inconsequential that even flies have more gravitas.

  37. Avatar

    The fly later tested positive for COVID-19 and had to self-isolate.

  38. Avatar

    So, ya'll remember, right, that a baby fly, is a MAGAt?

  39. Avatar

    Probably has eggs on his hair..

  40. Avatar


  41. Avatar

    I believe I can FLY.

  42. Avatar

    Trump promised to drain the Washington swamp. Instead, he has turned it into an open sewer, replete with 210k+ floating corpses of unfortunate Americans. Who knew that $750 will not buy enough insecticide to get rid of the flies?

  43. Avatar

    That’s actually a miniature spy drone. Surveilling the VP.

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