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Fly on Pence's head steals the show at vice-presidential debate

A housefly that landed on U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence’s hair and stayed there for more than two minutes generated a lot of buzz online during the vice-presidential debate.

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  1. Avatar

    They completely did that fly on purpose.. Nano drone flies are real people and have been for years now

  2. Avatar

    I guess we all know what flies gravitate to the most…..

  3. Avatar
    Ali Kareem Neamah

    Fly for president 2020 …..I am fully confident that this fly will bring America great again 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Even a fly knows to choose Mike Pence, over Kamala for VP 🇺🇸

  5. Avatar

    That fly on his head… I only know flies are best at finding a pile of crap and dead meat..

    You take a crap, flies come in, you put out a dead meat, the flies come in.. That fly Aced it, found both of them, a dead meat and pile of crap!

  6. Avatar

    America is great country no doubt. Just get rid of dems and republicans! Capitalism and democracy is still compatible without those ohonies

  7. Avatar

    in ancient times both flies and conjuntivitis (red eyes) are both symbols of the devil. It's very telling how that happened as Pence was answering about systemic racism in America.

  8. Avatar

    I really hope we stop funding this trash news organization with taxpayer funds.

  9. Avatar

    It was Ruth Bader Ginsberg dat fly.

  10. Avatar
    mike Blankenshiip

    You know that Biden and Hartis trained that fly to give Pence the virus. And the great Democrat conspiracy goes on.😏😏😏

  11. Avatar
    Leyton Hiddleston

    i just came home from tennis and watched a bit of the debate and saw this-

  12. Avatar

    Racism doesn't fly with me

  13. Avatar
    Betty-Joy Moreau

    Who is that fly in the room

  14. Avatar

    When this is news, you know mainstream journalism is dead. Sad.

  15. Avatar

    I think that fly is digital and it was placed there digitally as a distraction. Nobody is talking about what he was sayin. Not good America!! This is how easily ppl can be distracted during such a serious debate. SAD!!!

  16. Avatar

    A major news network reporting on a fly. What a joke

  17. Avatar

    "I'd like to become the first insect politician"

  18. Avatar

    If it's so rediculios…why you here watching and commenting? The man stinks and talking sh*":. Really kinda funny. 😁 Some people actually voted for a tv reality guy Soo…..

  19. Avatar

    The fly chose the party that would provide the most corpses.

  20. Avatar

    watching this with a fly on my monitor

  21. Avatar

    Liberal news folks!

  22. Avatar
    gearlock trinity

    This is news…

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