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FiveThirtyEight offers forecast before 1st vice presidential debate

FiveThirtyEight’s forecast has former Vice President Joe Biden favored to win the election.

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    Yvonne Stainbrook

    Sarah so wet behind the ears, yet you probably don't remember Biden being VP for Obama that put us in recession, with 47 years in office and everything went into poverty!!

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    don’t you even dare to believe this horseshit. go out and vote. we’ve been here before

  3. Avatar

    Are yall gonna cry again when you lose? It makes me happy to see stupid losers lose

  4. Avatar

    This is trash. The Silent Majority is twice as big as it was in 2016. That is a FACT.

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    Funny how one america news network did a poll about 2 days ago, and their poll said TRUMP expected 86% vote. But ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, all report fake news, so why not fake polls too? TRUMP 2020. VOTE RED! REMOVE EVERY DEMOCRAT! Oh, there's a documentary out, "Ride the Dragon: The Bidens' Chinese Secrets". About how Joe Biden and family are rich cuz of CCP, and how they sold out USA to China. He's a traitor. Can see free at: lwl-enterprises.com, they host "Wake Up America & World"

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    Everywhere I go I see a hell of a lot of Trump's signs Biden signs are like needles in haystacks

  7. Avatar

    Give me a freaking break with all your lies and fake news….

  8. Avatar

    FAKE NEWS…Trump Is Way Ahead And Always Has Been…Same As 2016…ABC LOSERS.

  9. Avatar

    Why is news so fake. Good God.

  10. Avatar

    YES cuz 2016 showed us polls matter so much

  11. Avatar

    This sounds familiar.

  12. Avatar

    The biggest political scandal since watergate is now confirmed hillary clinton… to deflect her 30,000 email server debacle.. created then got approval by the dnc…obama…. biden …and brennan of the cia in his own handwriting…to point comey's fbi into a baseless snipe hunt for russian interference during the election and she paid for it… when she lost the election she let it continue… if she had won, she would have killed it… either way your dem party was an active participant to create a coup… and they got caught…INVESTIGATE NBC

  13. Avatar

    VP DEBATE : Harris got her ass handed to her by VP Pence. Kameltoe Hairy got DESTROYED ! Pence busted her on several lies. “You can have your opinion, you CAN’T have your own facts”. Well done Pence, for showing America what she stands for and what she’ll do if elected. Democrats lose yet again. 🙀

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    Trump and who's economy? My economy hasn't been very good since 2016! Who are you talking about? I lost 3 jobs because of budget cuts! That must have been my job verses some officials raise…who knows? I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS PANDEMIC! TRUMP WHAT'S UP WITH THE STIMULUS PACKAGE THAT HELPS ALL AMERICANS NOT JUST THE WEALTHY? AT LEAST NANCY IS THERE TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A MISERABLE LIVING HELL…HAVE A GOOD DAY!

  15. Avatar

    LoL at FAKE news!

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    Blue Collar Sinner

    Who were the participants in the polls, Elementary kids? An 8th grader got to sneak their question in to the VP debate.

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    Proxima Twighlight

    I don't trust anyone that can't hang picture frames on a level line.

  18. Avatar
    Hellifornia Music

    Yeah fuckin right!

  19. Avatar

    I agree, this is NO REASON to become complacent, we still need to vote in force…. but it's ok to let it make you feel good for a minute.

    Besides, people blow HARD about the 2016 campaign and polls, but that election had a 51-49 spread, well within the margin of error. Unless Comey surfaces with an investigation into Biden's emails, this is not going to play out the same.

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    LMAO only voting can determine the true outcome of the election, remember 2016 y’all?

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    Hey, I've seen this one!

  22. Avatar

    Have you ever taken a poll?

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    Vote vote early Biden 2020

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    southern poverty law center has deemed FiveThirtyEight a left wing hate group

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    Northfresh Sushi fitness

    Your a dumb bitch, your just a Democrat, Biden isn’t ahead, your a Biden fan lol

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    are these pollsters going the 2016 way? the same people were very confident that hillary would win in 2016. poor lady even got a building with a glass ceiling to make a feminist speech, and then got crushed.

  27. Avatar

    Odd, as economists say Biden would be better for the economy than trump.

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    Secret Squirrel Travel Vlogs

    ahh you guys and your polls. makes for great reactions on election night. 2016 ring a bell? Libtards will never learn.

  29. Avatar

    0:12 😂🤣

  30. Avatar


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    if you vote for Joe Biden (age 78), Kamala Harris would be the next US President if Joe Biden die (within the next 4 years).

  32. Avatar

    Is Trump still very rick.

  33. Avatar

    PEOPLE, it’s 2020 now. Why America still use the old way from last century to against competitor nation?? Why can’t we WIN-WIN? I’m sorry but Americans need to update their mind!

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    christopher santos

    I am not even American and I can tell they are biased.

  35. Avatar

    We’ve seen this before…

  36. Avatar

    Should report this for disinformation

  37. Avatar

    YESS BIDEN 2020 💙💙

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    Maybe the dislikes on this video will change your graph

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    pak sofin sinaga

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    Ah yes, I recall when they said Hillary has a 97% chance of winning too.

  41. Avatar

    Listen majority of the places that he won he will win again. He has been fantastic policy wise over 4 years and he will do it again!!

  42. Avatar

    How does it play into the model she has? The bunch of cartoon dots based of personal opinions?

  43. Avatar

    That’s the fakest forecast I’ve ever seen.

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