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Five times the Speaker became the story – BBC News

As John Bercow steps down from the House of Commons chair, here are some of his memorable moments.

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  1. Avatar

    We should ask the Queen to name him: The Defender of the Democracy.

  2. Avatar

    I hope someone has that little runt in their crosshairs…
    It would be the best news possible to find he has been terminated.

  3. Avatar

    How I despise the short arsed runt Bercow! Likes playing up to the way he says 'order', it is not funny, just highly irritating!

  4. Avatar

    Adam Holloway is annoying af tho lmao

  5. Avatar

    Well he's clearly not impartial, that much is clear at least.
    So it makes sense for him to step down.

  6. Avatar

    Wonder why they don’t show why he wouldn’t invite trump? Seems quite an important point but would that skew the narrative? Hope no unconscious bias going on…

  7. Avatar

    Pompous odious oaf…. Auderve auderve… Look at me type….

  8. Avatar

    Will someone just shoot this man waist of a white skin

  9. Avatar

    Inflating his oversized ego by the day, typical small man syndrome..

  10. Avatar

    I bet Bercow’s missus is miffed that he’s finishing , no more anal parties when johns at work .

  11. Avatar

    Not bee barren county counrty bacon world apen

  12. Avatar

    Know you cant erre down there finger ice

  13. Avatar

    We agree on racism but disagree on sexism…. when you start fight for equal rights for men at the court against false rape allegations, and using children against the fathers and stripping men from their hard earned money because their wife suddenly decided so…then we will agree on sexism because your sexism is one sided….. #mentoo Asia argento payed hush money to a teenager that she raped…..are you gonna do anything about it ?

  14. Avatar

    The speaker just like the BBC anti Brexit. . Failing to be impartial. But this shows the BBC can use its archives to report something.. shame it cannot do the same on the mps that have destroyed democracy for this country. Leave meant leave..
    If you are watching from another country.. our democracy has been destroyed by our elected officials not honouring the vote to leave by the people. The BBC a publicly funded media outlet has failed in being impartial on this vote and constantly sides with the pro leave side and displays bias towards the labour party….


  15. Avatar

    Hate this guy, glad to see this remainer leave

  16. Avatar

    Like any referee or umpire of a sports match, the mark of a good speaker can be determined at the end of a debate, by whether or not anyone can tell which side they agreed with. This teeny-tiny little man, with a huge Napoleon complex almost always favored the labour party. Does anyone out their really think the labour side would have showered him with such praise for just being impartial? Give me a break. He sided with them and his cheating wife right up until the end.

  17. Avatar

    Speaker Bercow can now move on to a new career as a nightclub bouncer.

  18. Avatar

    Speaking against a President of the United States coming to Parliament like that was totally out of line for a Speaker of the House, who's supposed to be impartial. He did that because he wants the approval of the liberal media, and Trump is enemy #1 to them. That aside, the Prez of the US is the commander in chief of the American Armed Forces, both active and retired. To show him that kind of disrespect and opposition to what would have been a largely ceremonial visit, was noted by the American military as a direct sign of disrespect to them, especially the oldest of them, who all had friends who died while protecting the UK. He's a weasel.

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