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First rapid COVID-19 tests arriving in Canada next week says Anand

Minister of Procurement Anita Anand says Canada will see the first delivery of newly approved rapid COVID-19 tests next week.
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  1. Avatar

    Rapid Tests should of been in Canada months ago. Maybe if our Leaders were working, this would of been here. Liberals are the worst government in History.

  2. Avatar
    Heather65 Renwick

    Well don’t expect me to try it out. Thanks anyway 👎🏻😈

  3. Avatar

    i didnt even know there was a minister of procurement did you ?

  4. Avatar

    Take those tests and shove em up yours…. I do not have any virus and don't want to be infected by you either!!!

  5. Avatar

    Every day we get a new medical quack on the news. Where is tam the man at nowadays? ?

  6. Avatar

    They will falsely increase numbers to sell the lock down due to their inaccuracy .

  7. Avatar

    I have a question…For all of the millions of tests that have been done, how many of those are repeat tests on the same individuals??
    Does anyone know about this?

  8. Avatar
    Star Of the show

    I wish Canadian companies will step up and start producing our own 🙏🏿

  9. Avatar

    The Minister got really defensive toward the end. I can only imagine the heated debates going on about all of this behind closed doors. There has Just Gotta Be so much more that we are unaware of and how this would be taking the mental and emotional tolls of all the people involved that are not citizens. I can't help but think that it's a very difficult world we live in now. For everyone. All I can say in the end is I am glad that I am not one of these higher-up's having to juggle these kinds of lives in with their personal ones and those of whom they love. If we are affected, they must be as well.❤

  10. Avatar

    Minister of Health and Dr Tam prohibited the use of antigen tests and now they are for it! WTH?!! Hadju is also allowing immigrants and international students into Canada as of oct 8th. Government do not have a clue! Dost protest too much – so bitchy at the end

  11. Avatar

    A lot of people have said that them 15 minute test. Are known for faults negative and faults positives. I wouldn't not trust any 15 minute test.

  12. Avatar

    Everyone trust doctors and scientists and labs to come up with our diagnosis. But now we should trust a machine that isn't flawless. to give us our diagnosis. Yeah.. no thank you…. I'd pass on that. I'll wait my 2 to 3 days to get my test results back. Just like I have twice now. You all can keep that.

  13. Avatar

    How much are all THESE tests going to cost?

  14. Avatar

    why does she have to be so saucy and patronizing in her answers? "AGAIN…" … geez, chill out lady.

  15. Avatar
    Stoodmuffin Personal


    I hope it works, and is accessible!

  16. Avatar
    Zero2Hero Universe

    I've been taking generally high doses of Vitamin C, moderate doses of Vitamin D, and lower doses of Zinc daily (twice a day) as my primary cellular protective driver. As secondary stacks, I take Omega 3, Probiotics, and Oregano Oil (Oregano oil only about 2 times per week as it's quite potent – or as needed). And once in a while other supplements as well. Ever since I started this regimen about a decade or more ago (plus exercising), I haven't gotten anything (flue, cold, C19, etc…). I'm not saying everyone should do this (it works for me), but my point is, it seems as though healthy people fight such ailments quite easily, and even more so when elevating their healthy lifestyle even further with specific supplements (everyone's needs are different of course). I thought it was Health Canada's job (FDA) to teach everyone how to live a healthy lifestyle? Is it safe to say that it has failed in this arena? I don't know the answer myself, but if I had to take an educated guess (based on various factors), for now, I think it really has failed. Nevermind supplements (it's my choice to take them), but even with specific nutritious and vitamin-rich foods and other healthy choices… I'm just saying, they could have done a heck of a lot better.

  17. Avatar

    Rapid test are worse than PCR test which is garbage.

  18. Avatar

    These aren't that dependable. Too many false results…

  19. Avatar

    Cannot believe any Liberal! Too little too late as usual. Snail pace as usual for the Liberals. You cannot believe a word the Liberals say. All liars.

  20. Avatar

    What better way to ensure even more "surges" and "spikes" and subsequently more lockdowns, restrictions, etc.

    Enjoy the "new normal" folks!

  21. Avatar
    Crystal Grace Benevolence FENDERBENDER

    Great reporter!! Let's see more of her!!! ASAP!!!!! GREAT JOB GIRL YOU STAYED WITH THE QUESTION!!!!

  22. Avatar

    mexico has had these for awhile now

  23. Avatar

    The recent spike in deaths on Oct 2 was due to data manipulation. The deaths occured earlier in the year. Thus the spike in deaths doesn't exist.

  24. Avatar
    Outdoors wit derkit

    Nothing is clear but were just gonna keep lying.

  25. Avatar

    im gonna say why i think covid is a problem if this turns into something like the flu then we have to deal with it every year we would need a new vaccine every year too it would increase the amount of people sick it could mutate or change you say the flu is worse what if they combine and then you have 3 virus you have more resources being spent on these you also have hospitals being used more which is bad.

  26. Avatar

    Waste of money. There is no pandemic.

  27. Avatar

    Bs tests for bs virus

  28. Avatar

    OurPM loves giving away money for little or no reason in this case.

  29. Avatar

    So why are we buying these and how much are we gonna get stuck paying for these tests? Why do we even need to do these tests anymore?

  30. Avatar

    Did she just call her Vagi.

  31. Avatar

    All about the national World Order

  32. Avatar

    This is not a pandemic is a plan dammit for a new world order

  33. Avatar

    Test nore tests but no cure yet

  34. Avatar

    Rapid tests will mean a "rapid spike in cases" DONT GET TESTED

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