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'Firebreak' rules cause outrage in Wales

Millions of Britons have been getting used to new restrictions, as governments grapple with the spread of Coronavirus. (Subscribe:

1.4 million people in South Yorkshire awoke to life in Tier 3 – that’s the most severe level of restrictions in England.

While three more areas – Coventry, Stoke and Slough have now moved into Tier 2, Wales woke to a first full day of its “firebreak” lockdown, with people told to stay at home.

Sections of supermarkets are cordoned off, with clothes, bedding and books hidden behind screens.

The Welsh Conservatives called the ban on non-essential goods “ludicrous” and urged First Minister Mark Drakeford to reconsider.
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  1. Avatar

    oh i see uk has the crisis much better under control than trump

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    Pot noodle bath plug snorkel & mask.

  3. Avatar

    Absolute disgrace… It's nothing short of tyranny now and it will only get worse,Gethin and co are a joke and detached from reality.

  4. Avatar

    Only Uber Amazon deliveroo and big supermarkets will survive.

  5. Avatar

    Gammonflakes are both enraged and outraged by practically everything.

  6. Avatar

    Has anyone tested the legality of these transgressions against basic human rights?

  7. Avatar

    Its design to make everyone angry so when the "vaccine" comes everyone would run to take it.

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    If you live in Wales please sign and share this petition https://petitions.senedd.wales/petitions/244282

  9. Avatar

    Eventually good will shall evaporate

  10. Avatar

    If a pregnant Woman go swimming she is basically a human submarine

  11. Avatar

    What is their plan to re-open?

  12. Avatar

    It's time to sell up and leave England, This country has completely gone mad.
    Only if people spent more time doing research they would see this is all BS

  13. Avatar

    Key workers may need socks and pants you fkd spanners

  14. Avatar

    what is the point of this? none of these items were out of stock during the last pandemic? literally just want people sat doing nothing.

  15. Avatar

    Meanwhile this abysmal modern medical scientific system overlooking Vitamin D synthesis

    It's what suppressing death rates during summer

  16. Avatar

    Got to be fair, we fukked small business so now we need to fukk up everyone else.

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    Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2

    Uk Masonic Police state.

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