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Final Presidential debate 2020: Issue of reopening schools | USA TODAY

Trump and Biden offer different solutions to reopening schools at final debate
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President Trump and former Vice President Biden discuss reopening schools and teachers’ health amid the COVID-19 pandemic at the final presidential debate.

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    This man is pathetic does that sound like common sense?

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    Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn

    NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (22 OCT 2020, Thursday) 5 Minutes Read – updated at 0645HRS IST

    World: 41,462,036cases: Death 1,135,697 (2.74%) Active 9,423,475 (23%) Recovery 30,902,864 (75%)

    India: 7,705,158cases, Death 116,653 (1.51%) Active 716,610 (9%) Recovery 6,871,895 (89%)

    IPL: Siraj(3/8), Chahal (2/15), openers help RCB crush KKR by 8 wickets in Abu Dhabi; Close to qualifier

    Indigenously Built Stealth Corvette INS Kavaratti (state-of-the-art weapons and sensor suite capable of "detecting and prosecuting" submarines) to Be Commissioned into Navy

    Landslide at Andhra Pradesh's Kanaka Durga temple in Vijayawada, several trapped under debris

    Good News: Jharkhand villagers start farming on barren land, increase in income due to exports

    Uddhav Thackeray Govt Bars CBI from Probing Cases in Maharashtra without 'General Consent'

    2 MP Ministers Resign, HC Notice to Governor & CM on Plea over Appointing Non-MLAs as Ministers

    Suspected Militants Kill Assam Rifles Jawan, Injure Another in Encounter in Arunachal's Tirap

    Rain May Play 'Asura' in Parts of Bengal During Durga Puja, Met Predicts Heavy Showers in Next 48hrs

    Odisha Asst Executive Engineer Arrested Over Assets Worth 6.53Cr, Including 48 One-Bedroom Flats

    Evidence Of "Lost" River That Ran Through Thar Desert (Near Bikaner) 1,72,000 Years Ago Found

    Fake TRP Scam: Names of 2 More TV Channels (One News, One Entertainment) Crop Up During Probe

    Sensex, Nifty close positive note as Govt hints stimulus package; bonus for 30L Central Govt employees

    I-T Refunds Worth Over Rs 1.25 Lakh Crore Issued in FY21 to 38.23 Lakh Taxpayers Till Oct 20

    AAI Plans To Develop 100 Airports, Waterdromes, Heliports Under UDAN By 2024; 285 routes added

    Potential owners of Jet Airways looking at 90% plus stake, offer remnants to lenders; nothing for others (public shareholders nor Jet’s employees)

    Indexed renewable energy tariffs can save up to Rs 21,880 cr for discoms over 5 yrs: Study

    COVID Vaccine Testing Shots In Kids; pediatricians worried they may not know if any shots work for young children in time for the next school year

    Another Chunk of England Faces Tight Virus Restrictions; Spain 1st In Western Europe To Hit 1MN cases

    Brazil Volunteer Dies In AstraZeneca/Oxford University COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial; provided no further details, citing medical confidentiality of those involved in trials

    Armenia: As Fighting Rages in Nagorno-Karabakh, Coronavirus Spreads; infected are packed with healthy in cold basements to hide from artillery fire

    An armed robber has taken several people hostage at a bank in the town of Zugdidi in western Georgia

    US: 3 dead, 1 critically hurt in Houston nightclub shooting where 30 people gathered for open mic night

    US Presidential Polls: Voters in Florida and Alaska Report Threatening 'Vote for Trump' Emails

    Pak: Political turmoil is deepening, bracing for further Opposition protests aimed at ousting Imran

    Pak: Explosion rocks building in Karachi’s Gulshan-i-Iqbal area; 3 dead, 16 injured; cause not known

    Pramod Mittal (Lakshmi Mittal Brother): UK's biggest bankrupt had spent £50 M on daughter wedding

    Renewable Energy Giant Iberdrolas To Buy New Mexico's Largest Utility under multibillion dollar merger

    Two cases of H5N8 bird flu have been confirmed in wild swans in Utrecht province of Netherlands

    Nigeria: Lagos Locked Down, Army under Scrutiny after Civilians Fired On; 30 hurt during demonstration

    Adille Sumariwalla Set To Become Athletics Federation of India Chief For Third Time, Anju Bobby George To Be Senior Vice President

    IPL, KKR vs RCB: Mohammed Siraj Becomes 1st Bowler To Bowl Two Maiden Overs In An IPL Match

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    Now, getting my cheezits ready for this comment section.

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    Settling Isnt Anoption

    My thoughts on the debate. Trump made a nice comment putting fault on neither of the pandemic, however if Trump wants to play golf one day after week he should be able to, I like the low shade regarding Joe biden's son issues that was vicious, 99% but I understand I was in the slow class in math too(4real it was about 10 and I still graduated from college), Trump opening schools regardless if the school has active Covid..yikes, Liked Walk and Chew Gum, Loved Trump's Facial expressions hopefully it will be used on Tik Tok some how, true what Trump stated about New York but the country is living in a time where people Do not have the money to waste on Gucci belts, Comparing Dr. Fauci to making a mistake verse the President making a mistake for his country, Loved Trump saying he got People in Wall Street to show his Clout, liked the woman of color hosting, her lashes and talking to Trump like a Junior High Teacher for him to focus,, loved the explanation of Sovereignty, loved the Orange glow but his hands don't match his face, Bob Barker 1st Cousin, Top Crip Representative and Top Blood Rep with an OG gangsta lean, love to watch rich people argue about poor people, I said "You Do" and was mad he didn't say it again, How THE HELL DO U PREPAY TAXES cus I'll prepay $20 and keep it moving.. damn White Privilege..lmao.., too shady Trump Talking trash about his Brothers, loved the Flip Flop Trump talking trash on China but said he thought about working with them..lol.., Loved hearing White People say Malarchy, Trump saying Typical Politician but he is a politician, his love for the people of Seoul, Biden said Trump got thugs for friends lol, Confused on "I could have gone the other route and everyone would have been unhappy", felt like Trump was staring directly at me (wtf was the other route. NEW World Order?), Melania looking like a nija because she is mersible, Loved Biden's smooth pimp daddy laugh, Trump low flirt with the host, damn he ain't even from Scranton, Alabama is Different from NY??? Maybe fashion but we all need to survive..damn, OMG People coming over on Coyotes instead big saying Donkeys, Who built the cages? Damn. Cages!!, The enlarged eyes Of Trump when Biden talked about freeing those immigrant children, A rapist is a very bad person too as Trump could not think of another Option, Perry Mason shout out, Lowest IQ can come back to the country, 500 kids not knowing where their parents are and said Good?!?!?! As a DCPP investigator And have worked with DV victims from their Husbands who beat them and tell them they can't call the police because they are illegal and the children have to witness this every day and night..not cool, Trump said he Helped Two Black people with loans….lol.."I'm the least racist"?!?!?lmao.. means you have racism thoughts and possibly ways..and to honest WE ARE ALL RACIST ON THE LOW..but when you have to leave your feelings at home and put on a fake ass smile in the world…Why not say He is not racist, because it wouldn't be realistic for anyone. Wow someone calls u a racist and your mad about Abraham Lincoln comment.. lmao, Loved Trump saying "These Politicians, ALL TALK NO ACTION WAS THE BEST, Trump confusing Vice President Biden position from President Obama running the country, AND I MISSED THE EAGLES GAME. Pissed

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    kyaw swar ko ko min

    Our worlds help and Trump payment vote. OK

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    Dr. Trump downplayed COVID-19 to avoid "panic". In May, Dr. Trump announced that he was taking Hydroxychloroquine so he wouldn't contract COVID-19. At the beginning of this month, Dr. Trump announced that he'd contracted COVID-19 and then said that it was a blessing. Dr. Trump went back to downplaying COVID-19. Then Dr. Trump called his own infectious disease experts idiots and disasters. How even ONE person can say he's handled this pandemic like a champ is mind-boggling!😳

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    I wish biden could explain clean energy creates new jobs in a simple example to trump supporters. Electric cars needs motor & batterry. What do we do? We create new factories and new jobs to make them.

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    Christina Richardson

    Trump did fantastic absolutely fabulous

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