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Feds to spend $10B on infrastructure to fuel pandemic recovery

The federal government promised to spend $10 billion on infrastructure as part of a plan to boost growth and create jobs for the pandemic recovery.
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  1. Avatar
    StacheLissa Flint

    So is anything going to happen or is the money just going to disappear again like the other “infrastructure projects” that have no paper trail

  2. Avatar

    Good ol liberals and pumping hot air.

  3. Avatar

    Thank you 🙏 for keeping Canada going in these toughest times

  4. Avatar

    Haters will always have something negative to say… negative people negative energy.

  5. Avatar

    no more jobs from the private sector? what does that say about the economy . fiberals!

  6. Avatar

    Trudeau's energy policies set to hike home heating bills by $1,395 ,, the clean fuel tax

  7. Avatar

    But, she was elected by the people in her district, legally. That is the way of democracy.

  8. Avatar

    Just one example, Cooks are jobless, in order to get a different job most of them need short term courses (on the job training)
    I think, government organizations that planing to create jobs, have to be VERY CREATIVE, correct me if I'm wrong.

  9. Avatar

    Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

    Accessibility Laws and Regulations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Canada.

    I'm disappointed for not providing Closed Captions (CC) by CBC News at 10:30

    pm EDT on behalf of Deaf viewers.

  10. Avatar

    Vassy had earlier got Carla Qualtrough to say that the million jobs pledge of the Liberals meant an additional million jobs over a year so I don’t know why Catherine Cullen kept asking the other Catherine about the timeline. It would have been more useful for her to ask if this is based on SEPH data or LFS data, and if we are talking about employee jobs (all SEPH jobs are employee jobs) or all jobs including self-employed jobs, which would necessarily mean using LFS estimates. It also isn’t clear whether the Liberals are counting from September (the most recent month available for LFS), August (the most recent month available for SEPH) or some other month. The Liberals shouldn’t be allowed to cherrypick the data a year or more from now to find something that seems to confirm that they kept their promise.

    Tim Murphy waxed lyrical on the splendid qualities of Michael Sabia, the new head of Infrastructure Canada. Infrastructure Canada, the institution Michael Sabia talked the feds into creating has put $1.3 billion into the electric light-rail network around Montreal rail Michael that Sabia conceived of when he was the head of the Caisse de dépôt. And now Michael Sabia is in charge of deciding what Infrastructure Canada will invest in next. One man wearing so many hats over time may strike outside observers as a little off, but not our Tim. That’s just the Liberal way of doing things.

  11. Avatar

    So we are borrowing or lending money for infrastructure? How do private industry benefit? What is our return on our investment? 60000 jobs and some high priced infrastructure?

  12. Avatar

    What need has a country to have a queen ?

  13. Avatar

    This show is getting pathetic and becoming the same as CNN with their bs lies.

  14. Avatar

    Liberal Waiter: Would you like some “Word salad “ with your non answer?

  15. Avatar
    Pancuronium Pete

    They need to build prisons to house liberal politicians.

  16. Avatar

    What are they planning to build with 10 billion😂😂😂

  17. Avatar

    There’s a pandemic? $ Where did it come from ? $ what do we do? $ Hello? $.

  18. Avatar

    Coast to coast high speed shipping and passenger bullet train project or coast to coast cornholio19 free Habitrail bike path. Shouldn't they be building actual hospitals and care homes and schools with this money? will the budgets and contracts be public and posted during projects progression?

  19. Avatar

    I'll believe it when I see it. Start with all the small communities your going to destroy by closing mines and power plants. Create something to replace it you bums.

  20. Avatar

    Just want to let you know that 99% of these comments don't know anything about poltics

  21. Avatar

    Million tim horton jobs ?

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