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Feds: Iran and Russia have interfered with presidential election

Federal officials say Iran and Russia have obtained US voter information in an effort to interfere with the election.

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    :ProfanoLucifer: 888

    Russian Bot Here.
    Just reminding you all to vote for Donald Trump. 😝🇺🇸

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    Peter David Wilson

    I mean, Biden has a huge advantage… Just watch.. Biden will lead all the way to end, suddenly Trump will win… He's got the kremlin on his side

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    make the safe vote

    vote Pucker Button 2020

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    Yeh and you know who that interference benefited CNN? Sleepy Joe Biden

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    Another con by Donald and his henchmen. Vote Democrat, people! in person. Vote Biden/Harris in person.

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    They can create counterfeit identification for individuals to vote for Trump and they can commit voters fraud, on top of what Andy and Jim are saying..

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    E Isidro Rodriguez

    Let me get this….Iran hates the US and Trump,…Russia does not like the US and Trump, both Iran and Russia preferred HRC…..YET, HRC lost??? OH!!! it's CNN….nevermind…..my bad….

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    LOLOL. Oh the manufactured drama. Does anyone really buy this stuff?

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    The proud boy stuff..You Gotta Love the" Clown News Network.."…CNN..😂

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    Once upon a time…. where is the reporting these days? SMH

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    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    I believe the Brits have interfeared,Canada, Mexico, Germany!what is the difference?

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    Its Cronyism.. American cronyists arnt just American.. they have $.. the control on social stratification

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    Isnt this the same spin they tried before the last election, and people gonna fall for it again? Iran? Really? The trying to play off your fears. Why wouldn't the smartest country with the best technical people in China not interfere? Hmmm

  16. Avatar

    No one believes you

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    hahahaah the FBI literally said the propaganda was geared to make trump look bad as in russia and iran are helping biden. Holy shit cnn is colluding with russia and iran.

  18. Avatar

    Yet another ploy to sow distrust in the validity of THIS election by Individual 1's* "brown shirt" goons and distract attention from Russian interference.
    What about that "secret" Chinese bank account Donnie*???

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    CNN. Comedy News Network. I can't even take it seriously.

  20. Avatar

    Do the Russians even have Wi-Fi for fucksake?

  21. Avatar

    Cnn: No one bought our Russian allegation last election right?

    Dems: yeah?

    Cnn: what if this time it was Russia and wait for it….. IRAN.

    Dems: 😯

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    wow it's almost like we should vote in person

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    Lol ya think. Send out 200 million ballots and I think a fairly decent spy could find one. What is the clap still doing on the street.

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    Even you don't like Trump , Biden is a wrong and high-risk even horrible choice .
    Any sane person can recognize it .

    Voting for Biden cuz you don't like Trump is like eating crap cuz you don't like carrot .

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    Don't Worry Be Happy

    Don the con is interfering in the election, and Russia is helping him…again

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    You guys have the worst news ever

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    I have been told anyone who lies are "the devil child" ….I try not to watch t.v ir listen to the media…can't trust NO ONE 🧐

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    Biden is so corrupt and stupid and you don't know how much Biden was held by the CCP .
    If the US run by Biden , it would be by no means the opponent of China .
    Think about the consequences , it will make you shudder .

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    Gabriella Rodriguez

    A moment of silence for the people who just realized that several countries have been interfering with our election process for more than a decade.

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    C'mon chrissy, you were just given papers threatening to fine you 500 bucks for not wearing a mask at your apartment complex.
    I do have a question tho, why the heck would you live in an apartment?

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    "Were losing, were losing!! Pull the Russia act of 2016 again!"

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    Give up on your propaganda already…

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    "When you walk with the deranged man, do not be surprised when the reality around you all seem's fake and conspiratorial "
    – VoiceOfReason –

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    and Chris got spanked for repeatedly NOT wearing his mask in public areas where he lives because he thought no one was watching

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