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Fears of wider war as Azerbaijan-Armenia fighting escalates – BBC News

President Putin of Russia has called for an end to hostilities in the Nagorno-Karabakh region — he said the fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia was a tragedy — while Iran warned it could escalate into a wider regional war. The current fighting is the worst seen since a war between Azeris and Armenians in the 1990s.

Under international law — the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan — but it’s populated and governed by ethnic Armenians.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by international correspondent Orla Guerin from the city of Tartar in Azerbaijan.

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  1. Avatar
    Ghaouti Belgacem

    🇩🇿💔🇦🇿 الله ينصركم ،ونحن كلنا أصل عثماني

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    God bless Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 free your land from the occupiers

  3. Avatar

    If you watch the video in the link you will know who armenians are.

  4. Avatar

    If UNGA can't deliver justice contries has to do it on there own. Wake up before its too late to your children's Do justice with Azabijan, Pelestine , Kashmir. Respectively.

  5. Avatar

    The guy in the thumbnail passed today. Rest in Paradise

  6. Avatar

    I really hope this becomes the next world war

  7. Avatar
    Simplice Ribouem

    Please STOP "STOP"STOP"STOP"STOP"STOP"STOP..Those madness WAR.. even we reach the end of time ,as Jesus christ said..( a nation will rise against a nation).. please make peace and create love each others 🙏, and think about the future of your children's.

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    Azerbaijan started this war, all decent peoples of the world support Armenia and it’s right to defend their land and people!

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    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Turkey is causing this mess

  11. Avatar

    It's almost as if a country shouldn't be partitioned…

  12. Avatar

    you all cheering in the comment section for your favourite side but this isn’t a game. no piece of land is worth a human life. violence should only be resorted to as defence but both sides are currently posing as aggressors.
    pray for these peoples, that they may live in peace, for we are all brothers on this earth.

  13. Avatar

    So wait… Bosnia, a territory with ethnic Muslims got independence and everyone was cheering for them, same as Kosovo… But Armenia is somehow the villain? Nagorno Karabah is ethnically Armenian, same situation as Bosnia. Azerbaijan is the villain here. Double standards much?

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    we turks from turkey will forever support our brother land we are from the same tribe same dynasty

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    21k Subscriber Challenge in 7 days

    Very nice 😍😍

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    Russia doesn't wants to get involve so they could keep America on the sidelines 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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    everyday learning

    People die of Covid..
    Military, let's just wage war on each other regardless..
    God / Allah weeps

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    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Pretty messed up

  20. Avatar

    Good thing it ain’t us

  21. Avatar

    No word about the illegal cluster bombs that Azerbaijan has been indiscriminately using against Armenian civilians for a week now?

  22. Avatar

    I 🇮🇳 am from Hindustan “India” 🇮🇳 I support Armenian

  23. Avatar

    Another EU/US proxy war.

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    zaki khalilullah

    8,2020 Armenia suffered heavy losses(video),Azerbaijani flag waving in center of Jabrayil

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    Natalis Satria Juventus


  26. Avatar

    Another Donbass, Ukraine.
    I wish Russia and America could get together and when something like flares up they squash it.
    For civilians sake.

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    Yahya Abdirahman

    We are with Azerbaijan 🇦🇿.
    Let Armenians withdraw from the Azeri land

  29. Avatar

    Lol seems like the BBC only cares about ethnic people and nationalism when it's not in western countries.

  30. Avatar

    Who is backing whom is not important. Who is r8 that is important. International community must stand together against illegal occupier and that is Armenia. Armenia must leave Azerbijan's territory

  31. Avatar

    It appears that Armenia was counting on Russia, Europeans, and the US to give her unconditional support but failed to read the current geopolitical changes and interests of Russia and the West. Nevertheless, I suspect the Nargorno-Kharabkh conflict exactly mimicks the Ogaden War in which Somalia and Ethiopia fought in 1977. In that a war, the Soviet (Russia), at first, encouraged the Somalia's Socialist and Soviet ally dictator, Siyad Barre, to wage a devastating against Ethiopia and reclaim the Somali region, Ogaden, Great Britain illegally awarded to Ethiopia before Somalia's Independence. Meanwhile, the world wrongly believed Ethiopia was "the lion of Africa" and could withstand Somalia's aggression. Somalia was militarily the strong African country at the time and crashed the Ethiopia Army with a month, taking over the entire Ogaden region, in the eyes of the stunned world. That is when Russia switched the sides and brought hundreds of thousands of Soviet and Cuban Forces to defend Ethiopia in the last minute, conquering the prematurely celebrating Somalia Military. Indeed, I am highly suspecous that president of Russia, Viladimir Putin, is precalculating his deadly action of entering the conflict the last minute. In fact, it is already known that Russia has active defense obligations with Armenia to defend her from outside adversaries if necessary. And in that case, Azerbaijan is prematurely celebrating few miles of victory when the bigger pie of the conflict is still lurking on the corner.

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