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Father desperate to help his son rides from Toronto to Ottawa to meet Trudeau

The Toronto father of a child with an ultra rare disease will ride his bike this weekend from Pickering, Ont., to Ottawa in the hopes of meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ask for help with fundraising efforts to save his son.

His son is the only child in Canada with Spastic Paraplegia Type 50, a neurodegenerative disease that will rob him of all his functions, confining him to a wheelchair by the age of 10.

Caryn Lieberman reports on the father’s mission to raise awareness of this rare disease.

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  1. Avatar
    pauline callahan

    Praying this little boy gets his treatment. Thinking of the family 💙🙏. How can we donate?

  2. Avatar

    I hope you get what you need. 🙏🏻

    I will pray for you son and those like him.

  3. Avatar

    Hope he gets the treatment

  4. Avatar
    Dr. Azeem S. Mohammed

    There is No Substitute to a Dad's & Mom's Great Love & Sacrifice for their Children ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️May God Keep All Parents Safe & Blessed for their Families.
    We Pray that May BABY MICHAEL Be Cured & Blessed with Good Health & Prosperity Always, A'meen 🕋🤲😇

  5. Avatar
    Theresa Lawrence

    I pray for this family🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Trudeau needs to allow those of us with life threatening disabilities, to have the income assistance we deserve. Being born & raised in Canada should give us priority over immigrants. No matter how long they have lived in Canada. We as Canadians with disabilities, need our country to help Us!!!!!. Its not like we're asking for $10 000 000 of taxpayers money to renovate our childhood homes. Only requesting the income support we need to stay alive, help with medical expenses, transportation to specialists & surgeons, to keep a roof over our family heads.

  6. Avatar

    Beware of the following DANGEROUS words,
    that the Chinese 🇨🇳regime is using to recklessly MANIPULATE and CONTROL other people:

    – "descendents of Dragons",
    – "Chinese blood", 
    – "Chinese root",
    – "Ancestors",
    – "Patriotic Chinese",
    – "Traitors",
    – "China motherland",
    – "Belongs to China",
    – "China's internal affair",
    – "Inseparable part of China",
    – "Since ancient times".

  7. Avatar

    Trudeau can give 31 million of our tax dollars to former terrorists. Why can't he spare some of our tax money to help save this kid's life? I wish I had a say in how my tax dollars were spent.

  8. Avatar

    Aww he is soo cutee like a doll.😍😍 prayers for speedy recovery of cutee lil angel <3

  9. Avatar

    There are MILLIONS in Canada that are in the same position because of Trudeau, and Trudeau isn't going to win our vote by hand picking the ONE CHILD that he chooses to save from his mismanagement of the country. This father should be appealing to Canadians, and not the failure of a leader that put his son in this situation. Appealing to parents hearts for their votes. Trudeau will use it as a publicity stunt. That's what he is about. Look and image. Nothing substantial. If this father meets Trudeau, I hope tells him what a 🤬 leader he is, and what a horrible legacy he has left.

  10. Avatar

    Don't ask Trudeau for help. Ask 37 million Canadians for help. Trudeau CAUSED THE PROBLEM!

  11. Avatar

    Turd-oh doesn't care! He just wants your tax money

  12. Avatar

    CCP should be declared a “CRIMINAL ORG” by UN for killing 1M people across globe. CCP can’t get away with massacre. All countries should work together to this front. If nothing is done to check CCP, it will get incentivized. A dangerous situation for next generation

  13. Avatar

    What a faqing Joke…

  14. Avatar

    I pray for you little angel.

  15. Avatar
    Red Caucasians Sunburned In Africa Egypt

    Slavery is coming soon.

  16. Avatar

    Pray for the kid and his parents. Hope they get the fund for this poor kid to get the treatment. I always feel so sad that kids with rare disease come to this world. I hope every couple to get a medical body check before trying to get pregnant.

  17. Avatar
    samantha schwartz

    Terribly sad, hope they can do the trials. Just confused what riding the bike has to do with anything….

  18. Avatar

    Why isn’t our medical working on it? Why are they out money?

  19. Avatar

    Trudeau did nothing good for Canada in the past years and will continue on his path of destruction till voters will see the damage.

  20. Avatar
    Lisa-Ann Valavaara

    They are such sweet loving parents , doing anything they can to get him help this is so heroic <3 praying for this child!

  21. Avatar

    God be with you and your family brother and bless in Jesus Name Amen 🙏🏻

  22. Avatar

    Theresa Lawrence What the hell do you mean by immigrants, are you First Nation.? If you are not First Nation then you are the descendant of someone who was an immigrant.
    I am an immigrant from England and a Canadian by NATURALIZATION and I have been living in Canada for 45 years.

  23. Avatar
    Tamarah Quequish

    Micheal comment on here where others can fund please.

    Any donate pages ect!

  24. Avatar

    But I thought free health care was supposed to cover this tho 🤔

  25. Avatar

    This is that free medical insurance Canadians brag about.

  26. Avatar
    Carmine Lupertazzi

    Contribute with taxpayer money.

  27. Avatar

    Does anyone know where we can donate to help them?

  28. Avatar
    marty methuselah

    god is cruel
    bring money…this is a two tier system though

  29. Avatar

    Why not put a gofundme link please? We can donate even a little bit help and will add up…please put in a link to donate.
    May God our Father help this family and this little boy

  30. Avatar

    HD is the most deadly neurodegenerative disease and we are working on many different types of stem cell therapy, gene-therapy and lots and lots of clinical trials are being done for this disease which would benefit ALL genetic diseases. People don't understand that while these are extremely rare diseases, there are people with similar things dying all the time. For example my entire moms side of my family has died because it is so genetically dominant. Please don't go to Trudeau, he has enough on his plate with corona and providing funding for the research to continue for us.

  31. Avatar

    Couldnt imagine what there going thru. Wish i had money to give.

  32. Avatar

    May Allah bless you and your family a happy healthy life together.
    Our prayers are with you all. A mother ‘s care and a father ‘s struggle is so heart touching to save a precious baby.
    I wish them ease and health. Ameen

  33. Avatar

    trying and dont lose hope

  34. Avatar
    Sarah Margaret Crawford

    I saw a sewther on the path just yesterday… ask Sue… she is into that beyond measure

  35. Avatar

    All I can say is GOOD LUCK but I wouldn't relay on Mr Blackface Trudeau for any help.

  36. Avatar

    My thoughts and prayers are with you in achieving Michael's treatment goals. God bless and guide you ✝️🙏😞

  37. Avatar

    Prepare the kid for disappointment, and oh wait he'll love to know too he owes the country 1.5 million in taxes, welcome to communist Canada!

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