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Fashion industry's lack of diversity in the spotlight

The fashion industry has been reflecting on its lack of diversity.
Several big European companies such as Prada and Gucci have had to remove products that evoked blackface.
The latest wave of anti-racism and anti-police protests in the United States has underscored the need for all parts of society, including fashion, to eliminate racism in their ranks.
Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan reports.

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    Any Somali pirate 🏴‍☠️ here?

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    Young people being more productive….good job 👍

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    It is all about the money $$$ and once they get rich they will never share

  4. Avatar

    Indigenous, Asians, Orientals, and White races created their fashion industries. Why is it always that the Black race needs some "other" to create whatever it is they want for themselves? Blacks are rioting across the globe against "colonialism" while no other race wants anything to do with colonizing Blacks yet this demand "other" races create what they want for themselves. Blacks want it both ways that way they don't have to take responsibility for "Black outcomes".

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    I don't need any models telling me what to wear.

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    Lack of creativity and/or business skills and not the color of your skin is the problem but it's always easier to call others racists than to look at yourself.

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    Hard work and dedication ! That’s what needs to be mandated ! I myself am kinda lazy ! I’m white and lacking ambition!, but I don’t want to be a designer of fashion so have at er’ ! Get one of those overpaid basketball players or baseball players to front yu time and money to get the extra lil bit of extra wow that helps to get over the top ! Star power

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    Diversity…always in someone else's industry.
    How about you create your own company, your own money.
    Let's see how well you do.

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    Ridiculous. If you make clothes i like and can afford, I'll buy them. I don't care what colour you are.

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