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Farmers on China Tariffs: 'This Isn't Just a Chess Match' | WSJ

The trade war with China is putting a strain on the U.S. agriculture industry. WSJ’s Jason Bellini sat down with a group of farmers from the corn, beef, soybean, and dairy industries to hear how tariffs are affecting their businesses.

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    thanks for providing amazing content WSJ

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    They were all very well spoken and professional. I expected a lot more vitriol and frustration. Hopefully agreements are able to get in place soon

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    Markets change, business needs to adapt. China's government is a tyrannical dictatorship who's human rights abuses are as bad as North Korea, they are just better at hiding it. We shouldn't do business with them.

    And corn ethanol is stupid: its hard on engines and drops fuel economy. We should remove all subsidies and slap tariffs on any good which are subsidized by our trade partners: let a free market happen. Subsidies and forced government purchases are nothing more than market distorters: sure they help those the few that reap the higher price but it hurts everyone else.

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    U asked for this, stop fking crying

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    4:00 Your statement would be more valid if China were an equal partner. Instead, China pegs their currency to suck value out of the American people. By artificially depreciating their currency, Chinese goods are artificially cheaper and kept that way. Having an equal trade partner in China is the goal. If things were kept as they were, the US would lose its position as the dominant trade and currency player in the world.

    The US needs to keep people using Dollars instead of Chinese Yuan. Tariffs and short-term volatility is a small piece of that.

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    This is what happens when you Do not talk to the people who These tariffs are effecting and just do it. As a California I grew up on agriculture and know tariffs can have a deep impact on American farmers when this war is over it does not mean they will start buying product again from America when they can get it from other countries cheaper and more reliable The POTUS does NOT get that

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    I'm sorry farmers of US but you are not the only one who's the victim of the trade war. While you guys were flourishing exporting to China, there are other industries who were suffering from that kind of deal. So, Trump is trying to rectify that, and now all of sudden you can't make your ends meet? Well, why don't you get welcomed to the rest of the world?

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    I get it farmers are suffering but you know who's suffering more? The Weger Muslims who are in a Chinese re-education camp as well as anyone who speaks out against the communist party. Beyond that, there is also an environment that is reeling from the overproduction of meat and crops dumping tons of methane and carbon into the atmosphere. So maybe we got bigger things to worry about like our ecosystem and human rights over who's buying your animal flesh. That said I do support jacking up prices on US consumers and deregulating farmer's ability to set prices. Maybe then we'll have more people eating cheaper vegetables over stuffing double cheese burgers in their face.

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    They are deluded, I suppose because many of them voted for Trump, China is the best thing to happen to the US debt since the Federal Reserve, who do you think paid for the Afghanistan and Iraq war! What, did you not know the CIA orchestrated the crack cocaine trafficking during the 1980s to fund the Contra war in Nicaragua? Reagan's War! The problems with China have nothing to do with the causes of this trade war, Trumps fighting a battle on the wrong front to prove he fought a battle, that's why he paid the farmers subsidies to shut up and go dig in the dirt. The pretense of doing something is stronger than doing something with Trumps base. These people are proof, the reporter offered them more than enough room to hang the administration…but each time they bowed out and talked politely about the larger international trade problems that a trade war ultimately can't solve…these are the well-to-do SUCKERS and hypocrites of America, who think their job qualifies them with an education in economics.

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    China should learn to behave; rather we should teach them to behave. I'm from India and the mood here is the same : china is indispensable to us , but they treat their trade partners like "dispensibles" . So, yes it hurts when we fight them but we should do fight for fair trade as much as we desire free trade

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    Please take care of the farmers. They are the source of food. Its nonsense they have to deal with things thjat has depends on season and cant be stored too long. Just support Them no matter what!!

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    Politicians shoulld not use farmers as pawn as its the worst move. IF farm goes bankrupt how americans get Fed? THought food sustainability is important. Does Americans imports all food? Or THey export what they do not need?

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    All "goodwill" were destroyed in a stroke of a pen in the WH !! Now, that's a really "great deal" that no great business schools in the US dare to teach!@@!
    When you bash the customers… well, they go elsewhere where the suppliers treat the customers as King !!!

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    Yes thats is correct. Those people in the city do not see the hardship of farmers cause they think all the food is there when they need. Furthermore, theyt are too selfish to remember who provides the food to them.

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    As much as they might be right… in part….. well.. the way wsj shows this is CNN-ish!! as in… they make it like a movie.. so that you're even more impressed by what they say! You chose this… you and the coal workers… another industry affected.. not in the way it was promised by the "leader"… so… adapt or… well.. !

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    The aftermath of the "Phase 1" negotiations where President Trump said China had agreed to purchase between 40-50 billion $ worth of US agricultural goods hasn't panned out. It's another indication that any agreement with China is only an agreement until the CCP decides to break it. We should consider that there be parity between the US and China on trade but to include only mfg goods and ag products, no financial services. When the parity is broken, i.e., China over exports to the US, these goods should be tariffed at a rate of 100% (which might be as much as 500 billion US$).

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    Ya one on one trade deals are better than multi-partner where 1 side can cheat.

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    The young lady said it all "lets stop fighting with other countries". If Trump wanted a China deal he would have done it yesterday but then it is the twitter. The trade war first then the real war with Iran or some other country to keep the military industrial complex going, also to keep the highs in the fake stock market where companies buy back their own shares with cheap money. Check out the high levels of debt created by Trump since his elections. Farming in most countries will be by the Corporate World to control the food chain. Not even North Korea wants to negotiate with D Trump let alone China. However China's economy is slowing down as well as the World economy due to high level of debt. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 by United Nations and a cashless society by IMF around the World will be the way of the future by the banking cartel. Regarding the weather, perhaps it time to hear Dane Wigington on Geo Engineering.

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    Farmers who voted Trump now complain about the trade wars with China which Trump started. They complain about people reading about huge money paid to farmers to survive which was caused by most of them without knowing what was going to happen when picking fight with their trading partners. So sad for farmers

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    There doesn't have to be a war, what we need is collaboration. The US can not live with out China and China can not live with out US. The reason we have trade is because different people are better at producing certain items and we need different products in our daily life. We need to remember while collaboration benefits both countries, a war might not even benefit the winning one.

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    Aha we should sell our soul to wall st… got it.

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    who is not suffering from tariffs

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    farmers are some of the biggest welfare recipients
    and are an example of why minority industries should bow to the majority.
    and not the other way around.
    abolish the senate states shouldn't have rights than the majority as well.

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    You know what you voted for, now reap the rewards.

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    Bernie Sanders 2o2o grow the US middle class, bring contracts and jobs back to the US, update and prepare the Ag economy for the changing annual US weather conditions

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    I’m embarrassed to have our G7 Summit and other country gatherings being represented by a foolish billionaire named Donald Trump. We need someone with actual political experience and knowledge

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    they don't want a hand out.
    yet they keep voting for those who will give them one.

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    Leader needs to need. That woman’s facial expression brings tears to my eyes

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    Why the F did you vote for Trump in the first place!

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    The President CANNOT CREATE jobs.
    Ivanka trump certainly CANNOT CREATE 14 million jobs. 😂🤣
    It is the economy, the businesses and the workers. Why the LIES ?

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