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Fareed Zakaria: This is why Trump will lose the 2020 election …

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria tells Anderson Cooper why he thinks President Donald Trump will lose the 2020 presidential election.

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    Vote early in person for Biden Harris- it won’t be a long wait- you’ll be in & out

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    Trump has done a lot for the country more than any president, stop underestimate this president,,he is the best,start working with him.

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    fake polls so Democrat criminals can commit massive election fraud

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    I agree go vote but the odds of Trump winning is equal 2 someone winning the lottery.

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    Here we go again. 2016 2.0!

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    You are wrong about CNN stop your lieing

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    With you Fareed but look what happened in 2016 – Trump and Brexit. Coincidence? No. We overlooked then the power of social media – I hope we don't do the same again.

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    Trump is going win you CNN big fat lier.

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    Trump peace deals

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    early treatments work!!! https://youtu.be/MhLD1P5nH30

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    Double down 😅. These people would triple down in 2024 if the President could run.

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    Wheres the bobulinski video??? Hunters laptop??? MEDIA BLACKOUT!!!!!

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    I did not vote for either in 2016, voted for Gary Johnson. Biden has had 47 years in which to kill his chances, but if ANYONE could dig up dirt on him, they would have dug it up long ago, but it frustrates them that they can't find anything. Not one mistress, Tara Reid totally discredited. So they have to lie, he took money from the Russians…HUH? That is what Trump has done. They go after his son and can't find anything.

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    Randal Olofsbuubhh

    I can’t believe this dork has a job lecturing everyone else. So pompous 🤡

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    Fact – Trump is only President to the Red States and Maga period. As a lifelong Republican and Disabled Combat Vet I did not go to war just for the Red States and Maga but for the entire Nation. I'm from the Deep South and because of this alone I'm voting Blue Top Down to bring our Nation together we cannot survive as a Nation Divided like this.

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    USA has been faking it ! Ugly and cover-up for FAR TOO LONG! Stop the lies, stop the hate, and get real!

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    In 2016 many predictions were wrong because nobody was aware of the level of stupidity in America.

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    I so badly want to believe Trump will lose, but I refuse to take it for granted that he will lose.

    And for all the Trump Supporters who might get irked by my comment: it's nothing against you. Either way, we'll get past this together and I refuse to disrespect you for having a differing opinion.

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    There are a lot of fake accounts in this comments section…bots?Russian? accounts to be suspicious of 4yrs ago or made within 5-6 months? 🤔

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