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Fareed: This is a canary in the coal mine for America

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explains why some of America’s closest allies are looking to undermine the country’s economic strength. #CNN #News

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  1. Avatar

    America is isolated from the world

  2. Avatar

    Let the coal miners along.coal Minny is their life

  3. Avatar

    This is what happens when you have a con and idiot as POTUS.

  4. Avatar

    Trump is doing right! Stay out you want a one world government! Not good

  5. Avatar

    Crooked Hillary would have done a much better job, go C.H., who cares about the rule of law, what is that anyway?

  6. Avatar

    Fareed loves it when America is a submissive dog bending to the will of the rest of the world and despises how America is becoming a new and improved robust and glorious version of its former self

  7. Avatar

    Translation, the playground bully acts tuff and pushes the other kids around, now the other kids circle the bully and tell him to get the fuck off the playground or they are gonna beat the crap out of him.

  8. Avatar

    Russia is burning America, with trump the flamethrower. Well done Russia, you have found the weak link in the US , dirty trump and his children.

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    Have you seen the latest polls. Apparently 100% of Democrats have their heads firmly up their asses. While 49% of likely voters believe that CNN can fuck a duck a staggering 51% is in favor of duck fucking. Crazy times. 🤡

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    US sanctioned other countries left and right. countries are finally wake up to the fact that the USD they used in trade can be the same dollat that finance their own demise. currency swap and trade in your own currency is one way to bypass the USD.
    without the petrodollar and US treasuries, US could've collapsed long ago.

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    I love watching this, it is about time. China's economy is going to crush the u.s

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    What is this guy blabbering about. America is the greatest nation on the planet. Everybody wants to be us.

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    Ya.Thats right,usa,all day,most of you are traitors to USA.WE wont forget it.Scum

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    Here's my take. Zakaria – you are a little puppet bitch. CNN is yellow journalism and the DIMS are stricken with TDS. HOWDIDIDO? (snicker)

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    No the Deep State is the cause of the national Security crisis . Not Trump fake news CNN . So get your damn stupid broadcasting shit right moron's .

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    What abuse? The Germans not paying their weight when it comes to UN

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    Bottom line fake news CNN . China has put themselves in this situation on a Tariffs wars . Not Trump or Americans or America .

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    this guy is a joke…. nothing of his predictions become reality… his is pushing propaganda…. he likes wars…because his bosses are benefit from the wars…. so fareed talk about human rights of your country(not usa)

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    Is this true? or cnn bs? I call bs

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    Funny to see "republicans" in these comments, who are hilariously out of their league in attempting to even comment on this topic. It's not wonder even republican pundits, are now claiming the republican party is on its last leg, because it is. Good riddance to the party of the intellectually bankrupt. Good. F**king. Riddance.

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    Now try broadcasting on that without reading it off a monologue fake news CNN.

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    80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, I'm tired of all this winning.

  23. Avatar

    Thanks Fareed , we can always count on you for truthful analysis.

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    l will be so happy when you are taken off the air !!!

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