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Farage thinks Trump will be OK and a compromise can be found on Brexit

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says he thought Donald Trump looked “robust” in his latest Twitter video.

He also said it is “very easy” for commentators to write off the President’s electoral chances, but “it’s not over”.

Farage spoke about negotiations over Brexit and said: “I sense there will be a compromise. I sense there will be a deal.”

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  1. Avatar

    People die more in spain, belgum and france but nobody cares

  2. Avatar

    Anything raised by hatred will definitely be doomed by regret.
    A devoted man is always the right one.
    Trump loves his jobs always.
    No one is morally perfect.

    The only two effect instruments to stop the "virus stream" are:
    "waring mask" and "contact tracing electronically".
    Unfortunately, none of our governors are willing
    to implement the "tracing" mechanism,
    which shall terminate the source of virus stream effectively.
    A smart "contact tracing" can show which phone's owner was staying close to the infected
    without revealing his personal information.

  3. Avatar
    That O'Riordan Lad

    Gone from "Britain will thrive" to "Britain will be OK" in 4 years.

  4. Avatar

    Stupid questions from stupid news outlets .. Trump will fight this just like the stuff hes had to fight over the past few years.. people are not stupid.. we can see right through MSMs bias.. that's how we people are winning. Trump 2020.. TRUMP LANDSLIDE APPROACHING

  5. Avatar

    The media is so full of it. 40% of all covid deaths in the United States are from nursing homes in just 5 states. New York, Michigan. Washington, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. All Democrat Governors and all by their own policies.
    For example the President sent New York a Navy Medical Ship to house covid patients. The Governor of New York refused to utilize it and instead he ordered patients into nursing homes. Over 6,500 elderly New Yorkers died as a result. Now these governors are involved in cover ups especially in NY and in MI.
    The initial estimates for the United States was that 2.2 million would die. While every death sucks, it would mean the actions taken nationwide saved nearly 2 million lives.
    Blaming Trump is always the answer for everything.

  6. Avatar

    <<<<<<<<<< Not Concerened in the Slightest ! I cannot sympathise with a Clown that wears more make up than Dolly Parton, and allowed 209,000 deaths due to Covid 19

  7. Avatar

    Support Tommy and join #ForBritain now freedom democracy 👏

  8. Avatar

    What do Trump and pumpkins have in common? They’re orange on the outside hollow on the inside and should be tossed out early november.


  9. Avatar

    Trump is finished i predict a landslide victory for the " LEFT "

  10. Avatar

    Trump is a conman playing the victim card seeking compassion from fools worldwide.

  11. Avatar

    Cv-19 is nothing compared to HC – 16 and Trump defeated her with no problem in 2016.

  12. Avatar

    Amazing how the racists band together. Losers

  13. Avatar

    Twenty bucks says that Trump supporters will now catch covid-19 the try to spread it the Democrats and anybody that isn't "white right." Nero-Trump-Mansons SSuppororters are racist cultists.

  14. Avatar

    Trump's C19? FAKE NEWS people 😃

  15. Avatar

    Yep, the term "as dumb as a box of rocks" will now be changed to,
    "As dumb as a house of Trump's."
    Enjoy. 😜
    Kakistocracy, a government ran by the worst, least qualified, most unscrupulous citizens.
    I never heard a truer definition for Trump's Hitler Mouse Club Administration.😜

  16. Avatar

    Trump's C19+ 😏
    FAKE NEWS people 😃

  17. Avatar

    No one who watched the daily coronovirus briefings from the White House with Trump, Fauci, Birx, and other experts, could ever honestly say that Trump was "lackadaisical" about the virus. This is just another hateful lie that the left tells over and over, like the "very fine people on both sides" quote which is repeatedly misrepresented, when Trump explicitly denounced the white nationalists in the very same pronouncement. The media is the virus!

  18. Avatar

    Boris nurses parents looked ashamed , they looked like 2 concentration victims , lying on camera against their will. As for trumpet , I'd be more concerned about his family than trumpet . N if trumpet was a good man he would be staying with his wife . Down with America , let Asia take control, they couldn't do any worse than UK n America . China , make nice carry out food , but it's failed as a good country . As for brexit , shove it where the sun don't shine

  19. Avatar

    Nigel is as bigger liar as Trump. Trump hasn’t been on oxygen according to trumps medical team!!

  20. Avatar

    This is the kind of videos Kim had to put out just to prove he’s not dead

  21. Avatar

    Leavers: “No compromise, we want the lot “

  22. Avatar

    Hey Sky News! Ask him what's his favorite milkshake?
    Not that it matters because he's getting about 15 of em.
    Supersize. No lids.

  23. Avatar

    So now Farage wants a compromise? He clearly never believed anything he said previously

  24. Avatar

    Politics are puppets to the elites agenda …

  25. Avatar

    Yeah he can't come out & speak the racist 💩

  26. Avatar

    If he attends the next debate. He will confess to some more decease

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