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Fans and players react to the momentous Cricket World Cup final

‘I’ve hugged and kissed people I have never met before today,’ one jubilant fan says after the dramatic World Cup final in which England tied with New Zealand in the regular game and the super over, winning only through virtue of having more boundaries. ‘You know I thought we were dead and buried,’ England’s opening bowler Chris Woakes says. ‘We tied somehow and a super over in a final, a World Cup final, it’s incredible.’ New Zealand fans agree it was an incredible game but not all are satisfied with the outcome. ‘I don’t want to be bitter,’ said one. ‘It seems like sharing the trophy would be the right result’.
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‘This is England’: nation unites to rejoice in Cricket World Cup final win ►

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  1. Avatar

    'This is England': nation unites to rejoice in Cricket World Cup final win ►

  2. Avatar

    well-done england we won

  3. Avatar

    Wickets before boundaries rightfully nzl cup

  4. Avatar

    Won't blame Eng but NZ didn't deserve a loss. This trophy should have been shared.

  5. Avatar

    England just saved cricket …enjoy champions

  6. Avatar

    Cheater sale kamine jhuti jeet

  7. Avatar

    Some chutians cheer for England 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Avatar

    Real world champion
    Newzeland ✌️

  9. Avatar
    Dillon Navurunnage

    Amit the 'england' fan wearing an Indian shirt

  10. Avatar

    Why are Indians supporting England? They don't not look like English people.

  11. Avatar

    Nz is real champ

  12. Avatar

    Net 1 week gone.. Am still missing my 💅

  13. Avatar

    gees indians jump ship quickly now they think they are english now

  14. Avatar

    After England’s won world cup cricket become famous in world wide EVen now white people like Thse game ..

  15. Avatar

    How much was ICC paid to make England win…. Who will investigate…

  16. Avatar

    Super Congratulations England👌💕

  17. Avatar

    New Zealand team is the true winners
    England is as always they're cheater

  18. Avatar

    This match won by New zealand and England should acknowledge it as due to umpire wrong decision in favour of England when stokes bat hit by ball during throw lead to boundary.

  19. Avatar
    James Bennett-Mcnulty

    Shows guy who wring India shirt

    'England fan'

    Me: I wonder why

  20. Avatar

    Man of the Match:Kumar Dharmasena

  21. Avatar

    The greatest sporting ever?

  22. Avatar

    New Zealand deserves to w champion

  23. Avatar

    What a game I love this sport

  24. Avatar

    They won by boundaries. The Kiwi should have won.

  25. Avatar

    Football is great

  26. Avatar

    Cricket 🏏💪

  27. Avatar

    England show to perform best in odis

  28. Avatar

    I never liked watching cricket cause I found it boring however this game got me on my seat and changed my opinion on cricket

  29. Avatar
    asian art of living

    This match was the greatest of all time, hands down greatest

  30. Avatar
    iamjigmeewangchuk lepcha

    Not an English lad…but I follow and support England in every tournament I just think England plays Cricket better than football so many world class cricketers in England but whom do you name a world class footballer in England team??…please for God's sake don't tell me Lingardho…England always chokes in bigger stages in Football…I hope there will be no day US beating England in football 🙂

  31. Avatar

    England get the world Cup by cheating new zeland is the real hero not england

  32. Avatar

    Ok from England people give more attention to cricket

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