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Family shares memories of beloved 'Golden Girls' star

The family of Rue McClanahan, who portrayed Blanche Devereaux on “The Golden Girls,” sat down with CNN to talk about her work on the show, how she got her start and shared funny memories of the late actress. #CNN #News

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    What do you think in this video?

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    Glad to know that this was more important that the whole Bobulinski thing going on that everyone except CNN and MSNBC is covering. Also of note, Glen Greenwald quit after editors censored his editorial on Biden corruption. Glen Greenwald unlike these hacks, is an actual Journalist. Sad day lady's and gents.

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    Rest in Peace to Rue McClanahan…

    But honestly CNN. There's riots happening in Philly. Can you try doing journalism for a change?

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    Bidens Sick Laptop

    ADAM SCHIFF cost Biden the election, whistler blower came out after being called "Russian asset" by by piece of SCHIFF Adam, who was warned ahead of time if no retractions were made by him. Can not make this up! All of America owes Adam a great big THANK YOU!

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    Bidens Sick Laptop

    CNN the most racist network online! Everybody is just waiting for the klan hoodies to appear from them.

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    I started watching this show when I was like 15 this show was waaayyy ahead of it’s time I loved it

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    Bidens Sick Laptop

    Under bidens watch, they didn't do criminal justice reform police reform opportunity zones they never had a platinum plan nor did they ever set record low unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, women in the workforce, youth unemployment and African-American youth unemployment, Donald Trump did that.

    Biden and Obama added 13 million more Americans to food stamps 8 million more in poverty the lowest labor participation rate since the 70s the worst recovery since the 40s the lowest homeownership rate in 51 years and accumulated more debt than all 43 presidents before them.

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    Илья Вайсман

    Trump God bless you 2020👑👑👑👍👏

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    Bidens Sick Laptop

    🌶️ "You've got the first sort of main stream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy." Jim Crow Joe Biden -New York Observer interview about Obama

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    Nice PPE standards. You can't fix stupid.

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    Bidens Sick Laptop

    "… then you ain't black!" – Joe Biden

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    What's does that mean to nature?

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    "Lil Wayne Meets President Trump" look up the video

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    OMG I thought something happened to Betty White.

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    What’s the USA’s GDP? Looks like we are heading for a economic depression ugh thanks s lot , Trump ! Go Boe Jiden !

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    This is a story we need right now, thanks very enjoyable.

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    this algorithm sucks

    Biden family is disgusting. That laptop they found has horrible stuff on it.

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    Rih my heart breaks she will never get to see trump go down in this election and get prosecuted for hate crimes!

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    my heart skipped a beat and clicked so fast and was so glad it was NOT Betty White.
    2020 already sucks…..

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