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Family of Joyce Echaquan announces lawsuit following her death in Quebec hospital | FULL

Lawyer Jean-Francois Bertrand and the family of Joyce Echaquan held a news conference Friday at the Lanaudière Native Friendship Centre to announce their plans to launch a lawsuit.

Bertrand said they’d be pursuing all legal options available against the Joliette hospital and its staff.

Equachan, an Atikamekw woman, was subjected to degrading racist comments as she lay dying in a Joliette hospital.

Before her death on Monday, the 37-year-old mother of seven recorded a video from her hospital bed and posted it to social media. In it, she is pleading for help while hospital staff can be heard hurling insults and racist comments towards her.

Echaquan’s family said she had been admitted with stomach pain.

The regional health authority (CISSS de Lanaudière) responsible for the hospital where Echaquan died confirmed that a patient attendant was fired on Thursday afternoon.

Earlier this week, the province announced a nurse heard in the video was also fired.


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  1. Avatar

    Much love to the family and support for the lawsuit. Tragic event to suffer through.

  2. Avatar

    What a DISGRACE hospital employees are! Youre there to SAVE LIVES!!! It DOESNT MATTER THE COLOR,CLASS OR RELIGION OF PATIENTS!!! SICK.When you stop thinking of patients as HUMAN BEINGS ,its time to get out of the profession!!!I thought Government health care was supposed to be good! Ha! It sucks!

  3. Avatar

    Yes..hope.she wins big time….a more horrible group of people rarely.exisists..

  4. Avatar

    All the best my condolences to the family and friends

  5. Avatar

    *************Terrible ce qui se passe au Québec. Il ne traite plus les patients à l'hôpital. Le personnel suit les consignes des Mondialistes des bons exécutant sans conscience comme durant le temps des nazis. Le but c'est la dé-population. J'ai peur. Ils ont fait pareil avec le Co-vid. Ils ont interdits les remèdes efficaces et ont tué les gens à coup de rivotril! aussi, il ne traite plus l’asthme à l'hôpital, il ne donne plus d’oxygène, ils vous foutent un masque dans la figure et vous donne un relaxant! Merde je n'ai plus confiance au Système********Les gouvernements s'en foutent, ça fait partie de leur plan du Nouvel ordre mondial. Ça me rend profondément malheureuse

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    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Claudette Charlie

    I am already on cbds

  8. Avatar

    I'd hate to be a healthcare worker who had to deal with Indigenous people . They are always difficult and entitled.

  9. Avatar

    It's always about the money. We're becoming more like Americans.

  10. Avatar

    this video is hype, do you have discord

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  12. Avatar

    Poor lady, they sure should mind there own business.

  13. Avatar

    May Joyce rest in peace

  14. Avatar

    These nurses should be hanged in public!!!!

  15. Avatar
    Sarah Claire Claire

    Sorry, I have no idea what this is about… I'm only fluent in English. But sounds very important 😟

  16. Avatar

    Don't stop with the civil lawsuit. You need a criminal investigation. Those nurse belong in prison for a long long time. Please accept my condolences.

  17. Avatar
    Electric Travel Worldwide LTD. Staff

    Of ALL THE CRAPPY STORIES to come out this year. This is the most disturbing display of Healthcare EVER. THIS IS WORSE THAN MR. FLOYD rest in peach shaming a dying person. These people should be stoned in a public square. Disgusting to believe humans like these are in HEALTH CARE.. Beyond disturbing. These are the lowest and most evil of the 🌎& should really be at least be charged with MURDER THEMSELVES.. 👎

  18. Avatar

    Sue them for all they are worth. Condolences to her family, may she Rest In Peace.

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