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Falcon 9 rocket guides itself to sea – BBC News

Because the rocket could not be sure of a stable landing, it guided itself away from the targeted touchdown zone on land and instead touched down on water just offshore.

The rocket showed off its skills by hovering over the water before it toppled over.

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    A great way to catch fish. 🐠 💥

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    The FALCON & a 33 Second video.. Very funny dxxkheads

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    Hahaha, India already reached mars and is current superpower. Americans r still struggling. Only one missile of India will destroy both China and Pakistan. 90% of nasa scientists r Indians and google ws also invented by Indian. America would look like Africa if there wasn’t any Indians helping them. India is the most greatest country in the world. I hope USA and UK can learn something from Indians. We r only superpower and next year we will live on mars. Like this comment my Indian friends so even Donald trump would see my comment and he’ll be afraid of his daddy India.

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    So who ACTUALLY designed these rockets then? I mean, every looks at elon musk as being behind all of these innovations without a second thought, but as far as im aware i dont even know if he had a hand in designing his own cars.

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    What actually happen was the grid find that direct it towards it's landing zone just on the coast had a hydraulic pump fail, so it got into a spin and then the computer landed the rocket as it would have on land

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    Can someone remind me why we are trying to land a used rocket carcass upright . I know its an awesome engineering accomplishment and maybe cool to look at but doesn't make sense to me. The extra weight in fuel needed to land this way takes away from payload and payload makes the money. Put a parachute on it if you want a reusable stage. Its less weight, less complicated and always works. Waste of time spacex…….

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    Wow, so one of the grid fins had a hydraulic failure and you can see the engine gimbaling to compensate for the rotational torque automatically. Amazing how far the automatic flight stabilisation technology has come.

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    Fire a nuke into the bbc offices, bbcunts paedophilic channel

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    We are living in a closed system, no one has or will ever get outside of lower earth orbit. NASA lies😂

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    Does the rocket, the enormous refuse get collected out of that sea area?

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    this sums up human advancements in space. one day astronauts will go way further than 400km from earth, perhaps ? although , i doubt it…

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    I wonder when the BBC will be discussing the UN Global Compact for Migration and how over 116,000 signed the petition against this? @t

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    No mention of the reason it failed ( stuck grid fin ) even tho Elon tweeted about it minutes later. Lazy work BBC

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    Thank God it got it exactly wrong! Brand new and a failure. How many times does each one need to fly before it's cheaper than disposable? 3-4 something like that. Have they had one yet that has flown twice?

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    The Americans should change the military industrial complex into a space exploration industrial complex.It would change the world.At the moment we spend crumbs on space.

  16. Avatar

    Saw its launch live. Disappointed.

  17. Avatar

    But it didn't blow up, huge achievement!

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    the rocket didn't "show ITS skills". The skills lie entirely with its engineers you bloody idiots!

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    Wrong: It's ballistic trajectory is into the sea anyway. Even if all guidance fails it will hit the ocean. It can only get to land if it can perform an aerodynamic manuver to extend its range.

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    The F9 did not guide itself towards the water. On a normal landing approach it aims for the water and does a dog leg maneuver to ajust the rocket to aim towards the landing zone using the gridfins on the top of the rocket. This adds horizontal velocity to the rocket which is then cancelled out by burning retrograde once over the landing zone. What happened in this case is the gridfins got stuck in a yaw and roll position due to a pump faliure. This meant the rocket had no control so it peformed a water landing.
    EDIT: upon reading the description I have something else to add. The falcon 9 is incabable of hovering due to the greater than 1:1 thrust to weight ratio so it did not "hover above the water".
    If you want reasons for my points, look up the trajectorys of the launch of a falcon 9 and look up the thrust to weight ratio on near empty fuel load.

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