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Facebook, Twitter, Google CEOs Testify At Senate Hearing | NBC News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai testify at a virtual Senate hearing on whether the technology industry enables bad behavior.

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Live: Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey Testify At Senate Hearing | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for posting this you actually did your job

  2. Avatar

    Jack Dorsey crumbled hard. NY Post's account is still deactivated after the story has been verified 10 different ways. Censoring the president himself for saying mail in ballots have the potential for fraud? They do have that potential. But CCP can tweet the US Military caused Coronavirus. Corruption has never been more obvious then this election. China and the Democrats have their tentacles in everything. Almost every major news outlet has financial ties to China. Not one reported on the interview of Hunter Biden's business partner who also provide 3 cell phones worth of evidence. Twitter censoring the president himself over an accurate statement. This is absolutely disgusting guys.

  3. Avatar

    You can delete the data , however it still exists in their backups. Which can be recalled at anytime.

  4. Avatar
    vicky w-o sullivan

    The companies who they hire to do fact checking need to be looked at. I hear the military complex or CCP or Others have formed company fact-checking. What are the rules of the game in that area?

  5. Avatar

    The Democrats indifferent abuse of children in 2020.

  6. Avatar

    Dorsey has lost his mind….he comes across as thinking he's smarter than everyone else and we're all in on the joke…enough with this guy.

  7. Avatar
    vicky w-o sullivan

    I can tell these CEOs have bias to the dem party. You need to make it fair and not allow them to bring their basis to the platforms.

  8. Avatar

    Zuckerberg can't connect in, did someone call IT support?


  9. Avatar

    We should tweet about Ted Cruz’s father.

  10. Avatar

    These three are evil to the core!

  11. Avatar

    It’s not good enough why isn’t YouTube being called out for their censorship

  12. Avatar

    None of these companies should censor anyone!!! Change section 230 because it’s already denied and ruined people in their businesses.

  13. Avatar

    Isn't rapid eye blinking indicative of lying? IF so, I reckon, Mr. Jack in the box has not told the truth once in this entire congressional hearing.

  14. Avatar

    You forgot SHADOW BANNING unfortunately. Those CEOs are not as innocent as they pretend. YouTube is deleting whole channels by playing God.
    FREE SPEACH is a must!

  15. Avatar
    Benjamin Paul Sanchez

    pathetic, no one is here to save you 🤷🏽‍♂️🙏👌

  16. Avatar

    ABANDON TWITTER, JOIN PARLER and let's RUIN these AUTHAURITARIAN, GREEDY MARXISTS. Once their share prices fall through the floor they will see the power of the people at work. We have a voice and our voices MUST be heard. Whether you agree or disagree with an opponent inspirational ideas can come from all sides or through the compromise of all the ideas strewn together. That is equality whether religious, populist, elitist or even race!

  17. Avatar

    Why is this committee babysitting these idiots?
    They ran social media websites they are not politicians by the people working for the people.
    How many examples of bias does it take before it is proven that that’s exactly what they are doing?
    It should be a criminal trial NOT a useless hearing.

  18. Avatar

    Truth and facts are not the same thing. Certain people want us to accept their truth while they hide the facts. We are not stupid and everything comes out in the end. Or as these Nazis would say in zeeeee end.

  19. Avatar

    Not a fan of NBC but credit where credit is due. To leave the comment section on took balls.

  20. Avatar

    Xi Jin Ping should be at the hearing as defendants representative !

  21. Avatar

    Zuckerberg : We didn't want to censor it but Hunter's dad…………. Oh ! ummmmm……..

  22. Avatar

    they say russia russia russia and just like the fake new impeachment with words and no facts do they think they can make America communist like summoning beetle juice

  23. Avatar

    Dorsey : We are censoring hate speech on Hunter !

  24. Avatar

    So what's gonns be the outcome of this hearing??? Nothing as usual?

  25. Avatar

    I want my fax machine back.

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