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Facebook bans QAnon conspiracy theory accounts across all platforms

Facebook says it will ban QAnon accounts across all platforms including pages that “do not contain violent content”.


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  1. Avatar

    But I thought the Epstein case proved that there was indeed a chid sex slave ring involving Gov officials and Hollywood celebs? How is that part of it baseless?

  2. Avatar

    Jeffrey Epstein ring a bell Euronews? Forgot already huh..too bad he was died before he could stand trial

  3. Avatar

    What's wrong Facebook? Are the ' conspiracy theorists getting to close to the truth? Facebook fascists predictably silence anything that is a threat to their virtue signalling drivel!

  4. Avatar

    Online misinformation has to be stopped. Good first step facebook, now work on consistent policy regarding misinformation and conspiracy theories.

  5. Avatar

    I'm Single 😍😥



  6. Avatar


    0:41 Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍❤️

  7. Avatar

    Ppl should ban facebook, I labeled facebook a tiran, fakenews, pedophile, terrorist, yewish platform years ago.

  8. Avatar

    Fascism at its finest. Stop free speech, control the masses. Let me ask all of you who think Facebook is doing a good thing. If you could only stop one group of people from posting on Facebook, would it be QAnon or would it be pedophile groups? Facebook made their choice, how about you?

  9. Avatar
    Сергей Шуляченко

    Сегодня я обращаюсь к сотрудникам спец служб всего мира. Меня упоминает летопись как Грядущий Царь. Сегодня над каждым из вас и вашими близкими нависла невидимая смертельная угроза, вирус. Власти знают что я могу остановить этот вирус и спасти всех. Но они игнорируют факт вашей опасности и ваших близких. Скажите вам нужны такие начальники которые на вас наплевали ? Каждый из вас может слить на них информацию в сеть. Руководители которые наплевали на граждан, и отказываться им оказать все возможную помощь, таки же массовые убийцы как Гитлер и Сталин. Они потеряли свою легимность потому что нарушили присягу служить стране и народу. Почему они игнорируют потому они сами не умирают , для них отдельные палаты и все возможное мед оборудование. А вы просто расходный материал, не будет вас найдут других. Вас уже списали, так что успейте им отомстить за уничтожение людей и слейте в сеть на них всю информацию. Видите как я вас перевербовал и без всяких фокусов. Потому что я тот самый, о котором летопись упоминает как Грядущий Царь, последний из Великих. Они предлагают вам смерть, а я предлагаю всем жизнь. Уничтожайте всех кто относится к власти, некого не щадить. Грядущий.

  10. Avatar

    facebook took them down because the conspiracy theorists were gonna accidentally find truth that trump had a threesome with Epstein and a 13 year old.

  11. Avatar
    no more locked doors

    They just made it worst no evidence bruhhh jeff epstein wtf happen to the judge of that case I mean her family

  12. Avatar

    There is a certain truth that some corporations do allow the sexualization of children. YouTube has many perverted shameless "loli" hentai videos, which you cannot get off here. Try flagging them and they will not remove them. They violate children's rights of being seen as innocent children.

  13. Avatar

    Facebook is a leftist fascist platform, use adblock and don't feed it.

  14. Avatar

    Greenblat is a Nazi Jew don't believe a word that man says

  15. Avatar

    Ok; Let's say that all this child trafficking is indeed fake news…There are pedos in the world and long as that's true then it cannot be fake news.. Nuff said there… Now here's the few questions I'll ask Are you saying that any investigation of child trafficking is wrong?? If so then you better explain why in front of the millions of parents with kids in what way will investigation will be a waste of time… Why wouldn't you want to help put their minds at ease if it's not a problem??. We all know this subject is not something anyone is comfortable with.. We get that!! But which is the less comforting subject?? Admitting there a problem and dealing with it or explaining why you did nothing in front of millions of people when it's proven to be true??

    I think you news groups all really need to start thinking about possible future outcomes before you start burying things that could come back to bite you hard..

  16. Avatar
    Antonios Panayiotou

    This is what happens when you put power into the hands of private hands, they become fascist little despots. Glad I don't use fakebook!

  17. Avatar

    Who uses facebook?

  18. Avatar

    Just ban everyone.

  19. Avatar

    For 3 years we heard Trump "colluded" with Russia. It was total bunk. Yet those who pushed it go uncensored and continue to lie. I guess you need a lot of money behind you. Then you can say whatever you want.

  20. Avatar

    Can you believe they hate the truth this much? Saville. Epstein.

  21. Avatar

    Nothing can stop what's coming. Nothing. This is only making our movement stronger. You're proving their ideas right. It is information warfare.

  22. Avatar

    So much for democratic freedom of speech and no censorship long live the technocracy. they should actually apply this ban to mainstream media

  23. Avatar

    Bye bye freedom of thinking… Bye bye freedom of speech

  24. Avatar

    They did that for a guy in Quebec…..hahahaha. He's actually raising the population against the government and they don't want this to get out of Quebec, so English people won't even know about it. That guy can get 150k people to come out on the streets, he is VERY important and powerful. Q anon is very popular because of the Q in Quebec, that letter is everywhere here.

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