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Facebook bans new U.S. election ads

Facebook has banned any new political ads aimed at American voters as part of its campaign against election misinformation before the vote on Nov. 3. For its part, Twitter is labelling misleading content and limiting its spread, including tweets from U.S. President Donald Trump.  

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  1. Avatar

    The Ministry of Truth has spoken.

  2. Avatar

    Should have done it years ago.

  3. Avatar

    Yes comrade. We must control the information.

  4. Avatar

    It makes sense. But, this is a restriction of freedom of speech. Weird how they do this a week before the election after almost everyone knows who they are going to vote.

  5. Avatar

    US 'freedom of speech" has destroyed itself, with name callings & blatant world lies !!

  6. Avatar

    It is not their job to control information or judge for everyone which information is false and which is true. Trying to control the information is evidence of a information war. You can't have Information Warfare without controlling information.

  7. Avatar

    " FACE BAG " & " the CBC "
    for the CABAL !


    2 TOTALLY deep state ,
    2 FACED , complete F R A U D S !
    soon GONE ,
    NICE !

  8. Avatar

    There is no constitution on the internet. Anything goes. Sad what people get away with.

  9. Avatar
    Richard Lavinskas

    4 more years of George..Is George López the current potus?

  10. Avatar

    Can’t CBC be honest it’s like they have no clue on what’s going on south of the border! This anker should’ve quoted us Supreme Court judges and many many other things. Lack of journalism ethics at its best

  11. Avatar

    CBC is part of this misinformation campaign!!! Why does the media think people are sheep

  12. Avatar

    Better late than never, jerks.

  13. Avatar

    Good!!! We see enough political ads of TV and radio as it is

  14. Avatar

    Oh he was saying 4 more years of george lopez.. that makes more sence 🙄

  15. Avatar

    Misinformation comes from the main stream media that is promoted by social media while the truth is suppressed.

  16. Avatar

    Donald trump's goal is to destroy democracy, and he was honest about it since the very beginning.

  17. Avatar

    Funny, CBC blocked the Biden scandal

  18. Avatar

    Only trump ones 😈🔥

  19. Avatar

    Where's Hunter Biden, CBC? Cowards

  20. Avatar

    Shouldn't the CBC have to claim who they are campaigning for? It is blatantly obvious.

  21. Avatar
    techthai tehabnormal

    I always wondered what it'd be like to live in Germany in the 40s ..and here we are

  22. Avatar

    Trump now wants to put sanctions on Facebook for revenge

  23. Avatar

    4 more years of George Lopez?
    Is Lopez working at a job with a fixed 4 year term limit?
    Do you guys hear yourselves?
    Edit: Of course you do. You are part of the malevolence.

  24. Avatar

    This is going to strengthen Trumps support among conservatives and may bring some undecided voters, people that believe in free speech

  25. Avatar

    At least all the public libraries are closed as well. Lead everyone to the internet instead of libraries. When you own the information you can bend it all you want . We are all doomed. EVERYONE IS LYING.

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