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Exynos 990 Mobile Processor: Official Introduction | Samsung

Create your world with the #Exynos990 #MobileProcessor. From new wave of artificial intelligence to seamless and immersive mobile experiences, the Exynos 990 processor with next-level intelligence empowers you to create your world. Learn more:

* Devices shown and features simulated on devices are fictitious creations. No simulation of any real products or features is intended.

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    Anyone knows about the song or who played it??

  2. Avatar

    All this power can’t support a single headphone jack

  3. Avatar

    Media tech perform well in mid budget phone not exynos 🙄

  4. Avatar

    From what I've seen the exynos 990 in this year's galaxy s20 has left a pretty good impression. Both the 865 and ex990 are about 15-20 minutes apart when it comes to battery life with the 865 having the slight upper hand.

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    Exynos 990 is good but i prefer in the s20 the snapdragon 865 plus

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    Wiw what a new things u explain totally sucks 😂

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    is it note 10 or a new phone in the video?

  8. Avatar

    But cpu 990 start with s 20 series , and not with note 10 + oder 10 series

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    The snabdragon is better than the exenos chipset we won't the snabdragon chipset 😒

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    So is this chip going to be on the Note 20 then?

  11. Avatar

    i just hope this is just like the older exynos' when it really is better than the snapdragon counterparts

  12. Avatar

    Why can't it be as fast and efficient as the Snapdragon 🙁

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    That is the most gay music I've ever heard. Nobody is going to take your soc seriously.

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    Will this be on the Note 20?

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    Amazing music. Anyone knows who the artist of this music is?? Luv it

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