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Extinction Rebellion digs up college's lawn in Cambridge

Climate protesters have dug up the lawn in front of Trinity’s 16th-century great gate, saying the Cambridge college must ‘cut ties with fossil fuel companies’.
A spokeswoman for Trinity said a statement would be released later, as the week-long series of demonstrations gets underway
Extinction Rebellion protesters dig up Cambridge college lawn

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  1. Avatar

    They say get rid of fossil fuel and then they dig up grass. Are the completely and utterly stupid.
    Some people need to be educated, MAYBE just MAYBE at college!

  2. Avatar

    This is Cambridge fault. Colleges are making kids crazy .

  3. Avatar

    And they wonder why they are being considered on the same lines as terrorists?

  4. Avatar

    Justification of crime. At the moment just criminal damage to private property. In few years bodily harm, and alter that who knows? Maybe even murder. Oh no… Sorry. Murder already justified. Nearly 200.000 murders to unborn babies per year in UK.

  5. Avatar

    guess they've never heard of bad optics, the left never learns

  6. Avatar

    I'm still really confused about what this was meant to achieve

  7. Avatar

    They'll be a great asset to the workforce…..

  8. Avatar

    have fun, children, but remember to take your muddy shoes off before you come in, and wash your hands before dinner

  9. Avatar

    This is a stupid stunt, just like their fire engine disaster.

  10. Avatar

    The posh kids are embarrassing mummy and daddy again, take away their allowance again.

  11. Avatar

    Extinction Rebellion may have some valid points to get across but they won't do it by pissing people off !!!

  12. Avatar

    This is just plain vandalism…
    No sense of it whatsoever.

  13. Avatar

    I know somebody who went Cambridge. He is probably pissed off because he was a rich kid.

  14. Avatar

    I trust that they'll all get a criminal record for vandalism and fines to cover all repair work as well as ALL legal costs. What am I saying? Of course they won't.

  15. Avatar

    Just a bunch of alcohol takers. F-cking narcissists.

  16. Avatar

    tried to make a Brexit joke but it would have had the same effect as these people have with this

  17. Avatar

    So that must mean that the fossil fuel protesters should give up riding the bus, driving , eating except home grown . No flights , no heating, no electricity , nothing plastic, only self made clothes , as all those things use fossil fuels. Talk about hypocrisy.

  18. Avatar

    I'm no lover of Oxbridge and their snooty students and academics, but this protest is pathetic.

  19. Avatar

    Here you go, people….this lot are your eco-extremists…destroying nature!

  20. Avatar

    Guardian left wing readers causing chaos in college garden

  21. Avatar

    They're probably looking for a decent shag!

  22. Avatar

    0:15 Love use the shovel behind you. Cambridge's finest obviously didn't learn anything from watching the paid help at home.

  23. Avatar

    I don't understand why the had to destroy a place of education? Absolutely disgraceful

  24. Avatar

    Surely it’s like handing a hose to someone who is drowning. Just not relevant and disgraceful.

  25. Avatar

    Doing controversial acts like these does not help prove your group's point. Similar to that man who climbed onto a plane last year, it merely alienates your target population.

  26. Avatar

    There are better ways of getting your point across without having to resort to this… All this is just childish actions of a group who think it's cool and funny to damage public property but it isn't… It's just sad….

  27. Avatar

    Autistic rebellion protesters, who doesn't want to go to school and to get a real job in life.. Someone pays their actions for sure…

  28. Avatar

    Every single one should be arrested very roughly and be thrown in the cells. Very roughly

  29. Avatar

    how is the guardian connected to these events?……oh sorry spoilers!

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