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Explosive recording appears to show Donald Trump say about ambassador: ‘Take her out’

Lev Parnas and a small group had a private dinner with Trump at his hotel in April 2018.




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  1. Avatar

    So he wanted her fired before Biden was running! So it wasn't about the 2020 election!

  2. Avatar

    You can keep your own doctor AND your premiums will go down.

  3. Avatar

    Democrats love to play the victim card. Trump had right to fire her and for no reason.

  4. Avatar

    "I don't know him"
    🤔 Trumptards but but but but but Obama….

  5. Avatar

    Okay the president who can fire whomever he wants told some nobody to fire an ambassador who is a nobody.

  6. Avatar

    "Explosive" is when you cover up the Epstein story for 3 years and then ask another network to fire the whistle blower.

  7. Avatar

    Pay Attention people!!!

    He did say that but as the recording continues the ambassador clears provokes Trump by say 'he's been running round say Trump's gonna get impeached' that is when Trump replied with that comment.

    So it's both false reporting and misleading but clearly he was just doing what anyone else would do in that situation.

  8. Avatar

    i'm confused… does US Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the POTUS? is the POTUS not chief Ambassador?

  9. Avatar

    Who cares.
    That is all.

  10. Avatar

    Explosive?… wow. Can we trust what you're "reporting " when there is such hyperbole?

  11. Avatar

    Well I would have gotten rid of her also. This is just not important, she was saying negative stuff about our President so she had to go.

  12. Avatar

    So they just debunked their claims that trump was trying to rig the election against Biden since this audio is 1 year before biden said he was running

  13. Avatar

    Gangster Trump and his cronies don't care about ' political investigations'. They need to amend the constitution to apply THE ACTUAL CRIMINAL CODE to members of Congress and the President, just like the rest of us…No one is above the law!

  14. Avatar

    This is not evidence. Stupid ABC news.

  15. Avatar

    Ya fuck it she wanted to get rid of that bitch she already knew he was gonna get impeached haha het rid of that rat

  16. Avatar

    If y’all had to pick won president that would come back witch would it be? Comment if u do like 🙂

  17. Avatar

    The orange cl0wn is still saying he “doesn’t know him” 🤦🏻‍♂️ give it up LIAR 🤥

  18. Avatar

    Trump talks like John Gotti. Well, Trump talks like John Gotti if John Gotti was a complete moron.

  19. Avatar

    I don't know him… Psst take her out….

  20. Avatar

    I'm surprised the left isn't angry because he used a feminine pronoun. Yono is clearly non-binary.

  21. Avatar

    At least he didn't leave her to die a horrible death then refuse to let anyone help

  22. Avatar

    shocking revelation. Simply shocking. Trump said fire her and he did. I figured he just blinked his eyes and nodded his head and she was just poof fired.

  23. Avatar

    It's the President's prerogative to hire and fire Ambassadors. What makes these egotistical self-serving money-grubbing employees of the state feel like they're owed their job security? And lol at all the psycho Dems interpreting it as a death threat. The only reason they jump to that conclusion is because they themselves fantasize about murdering Trump.

    Where were you when Nancy Pelosi had an orange bullet bracelet to trigger one of their sleeper pawns into assassinating Trump? Or when she joyously had all those bullet-shaped pens during the "somber, sober" impeachment farce? Nancy Pelosi is neither somber nor sober.

    Also, despite all the ridiculous comparisons to Nixon, nobody finds it the least bit ironic that it's the President's enemies spying and recording him?

    You're all psychotic hypocrites who spend your days shilling for pedophiles and freaks.

  24. Avatar

    This is nonsense,…nobody anything wrong. This isn't even news.

  25. Avatar

    New song president is dropping tonight ….. I got dementia ft. Pence … produced by Russia

  26. Avatar

    All of this is an effort made by the Libtards and Demfuks to run Trump out of office because they r still upset about last election and they fear he will win again in 2020…

  27. Avatar

    Who fucking cares she is USLESS!!!!!!! Another government employee should should have been FIRED YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Avatar

    Trump said I dont believe I ever talk to him rofl

  29. Avatar

    Raise your hand 🙋🏽‍♀️if your still waiting for AMOROSA to drop her favorite recordings🎙️?

  30. Avatar

    He is supposed to be the president, it is his job and duty to know her. To know the people that works for you. Liar!😬🤦‍♂️

  31. Avatar

    All of you poor liberals. Saying how stupid we are. Yet… you guys keep getting creamed. Your lies exposed just the way they were today after trumps defense took apart your impeachment case in 2 hours. You've made him stronger with your wining and lies. He will be aquited and re-elected in November. Sorry but it's true.

  32. Avatar

    Trumpanzees working overtime here.
    Time for Donald to swing from the rope.

  33. Avatar

    It's a good thing he didn't say ''Terminate her''. They'd swear he was a Skynet cyborg.

  34. Avatar

    What are all the haters gonna do when he gets acquitted from this impeachment… then turns around and gets reelected. Heads will explode and body will melt just like 2016, utterly hilarious.

  35. Avatar

    Tbh I get the issue. But I feel like this recording should never have happen, or been given to the press to begin with ! No matter who it is, the President of the United States should NOT be put in a situation to be recorded. This is low down. N now I’m really starting to feel like this is jus becoming to much.

  36. Avatar

    Considering her lifeless body was found in a shallow grave, I can see why this could be troubling for Trump.

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