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Explosive allegations of coverup after fatal police encounter in Rochester l GMA

New documents in the case of Daniel Prude, including emails, showed that police leaders tried to keep body cam video of his death a secret in fear of public response.

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    This is incredibly Sad I have very bad mental health I have been approached as a white female and held by Police but that was for my safety all I can say is I was very very ill I thought I was under arrest they made me more paranoid (To be in this situation is disgusting I am white (mixed race son )In U.K. daily I fear for his life we have had to many children attacked not on this scale but general public sorry unless you have dealt with people’s discrimination watched the pain it causes your children -I did not put my son on this earth to face harassment ,bullying ,violence he is 11 .His started at 7 (Brexit )To watch this makes me grieve for him and his family I am so glad the brother is getting justice just to late .Keep this going .The violence is coming from them not him ?

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    More trash news from the cowards at ABC news. Your day is coming ABC news. Enjoy it while it lasts…

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    Lawsuit… piece of cake. Why do they even try to cover up all these things? Because we have a president who stupidly told the police a few years back to use police brutality. Please vote for Biden and Harris to save our nation and our social security! Thanks and bless everyone!

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    I thought Conservatives were anti government. They seem to be pro government when it comes to police murdering black people.

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    Latinos for Trump 2020!

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    One day reporting like this will be considered inciting riots.

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    Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    What's sad is this is the 1st I'm hearing about this.
    Trump's delusion conspiracy theories take place over human beings.

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    So the new “acting” police chief was in on it too? 🤦🏻‍♀️ They fired the first police chief for mishandling and trying to cover this up and have now put a new police chief in who also mishandled it and tried to cover it up. This is the problem! They put people in key positions who shouldn’t be and it leads to legal, political and public problems.

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    Even if he is on drugs, even if he is resisting, this is what they’re trained for. Once the mask was on, they could have put him in the squad car and called it a day. But they killed him instead. And now this.

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    Despite this clip and yes this i's bad. But it is also wrong to generalise all the police departments as corrupt or engaging in cover up.

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    This guy was high as a kite that’s why he died. His own family called the cops on him. How about you follow the law and don’t do drugs so you don’t have police encounters? Is that so hard to do ?

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    Any effort to hide the video obviously makes tensions worse.

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    It is not an explosive allegation when a person says the police cover up their crimes; all criminals do that. It is what makes them so damn good at being criminals. Read the RI LEOBOR.

    It has gotten so bad that, in this otherwise civilized society, no person in our government can give me a good reason why I should not get an ak47 and start slaughtering Rhode Island police and public officials.

    Now, when that actually happens, it will not be explosive news either; it will be the ordinary course of nature, nothing more.

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    This is just another KKK cops 👮‍♀️ killing another Innocent Black American man, and they are going to lie and cover up!

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    police union has got to go too…cops should not even be asked to deal with mental health issues except to back up folks who are qualified to do so. I know, that is just too easy.

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    The police chief chief did that crap. I BURNS ME UP WHEN I SEE A BLACK MAN DO STUFF LIKE THIS. HE DECIDED TO GO BLUE INSTEAD OF BEING JUST! THE ODD PART IS MOST OF THE RACIST OFFICER ARE GLAD HES GONE. Just like the police chief of Chicago was passed out drunk behind the wheel a white police officer turned him over to the mayor to be fired.

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    I painted my computer black hoping that it would run faster

    Now it doesn't work

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    And STILL….. no national reform policies from any of our 2 candidates, no national police reforms, no national criminal justice changes to police violence. But black ppl better not turn protests to riots out of anger right? GTFOH

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