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ExpertBook B9 – The master of lightness and power | ASUS

ASUS ExpertBook B9 pushes the limits of lightness for ultimate portability, while giving it a military-grade toughness that has no equal. It’s built for serious travel with its amazing up to 24-hour battery life to never let users down throughout the business day or a long-haul flight.

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    Asus should be using 4800u AMD instead. I7-1065g7 is an outdated processor. Amd 4800u is eight core which is faster, more heat efficient.

    I am looking forward to the faster and yet more affordable AMD 4800u in Asus. When it launches, i7-1065g7 sale price will drop.

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    Asus zenfone max pro M3 launch date…..

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    Alternatives for ASUS use, you can use it as a tray,

    You can use it as a flowerpot, why?

    because your asus breaks down and asus won't do it, it will ask you for money to do it. poor asus won't take care of a corrupt computer.

    be informed…

    It happened to me, not for you:)

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    ASUS with an attached bill on 12/12/2016. GL552VW-DM132T Serial No: G9N0CV144520385 we bought the device from the company mentioned on the invoice.

    The device fell to the blue screen with the error of “video internal schdule error” in the 15th month. has been out of use by giving consent.

    We redirected the device to the service, ASUS Company service stated that this time the warranty period has expired and stated that the malfunction will be eliminated by changing the device to "motherboard" for 5,090 TL.

    “YOU HAVE SOLD A PRODUCTION DEFECTIVE DEVICE” to us that this is a hardware malfunction, a hardware malfunction is a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer is responsible for such faults and malfunctions, and that the malfunction in the device is repeated repeatedly. however, they stated that they would do if we pay the fee. They do not have any predictions about whether this fault will be repeated or not. Asus did not replace the device.

    Be careful.

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    Please launch Asus Zenfone Max Pro M3 soon

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