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ExpertBook B9 – The master of lightness and power | ASUS

ASUS ExpertBook B9 pushes the limits of lightness for ultimate portability, while giving it a military-grade toughness that has no equal. It’s built for serious travel with its all-day battery life, and is engineered with AI noise cancellation, dual-SSD RAID support,and built-in proximity sensor to improve your on-the-go work efficiency.

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  1. Avatar

    why nobody make a laptop with enough ram laptop 10years ago had 16 now phones have 16 laptop still stuck 16

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  3. Avatar

    Is it 15 inch???

  4. Avatar

    Can I get a free laptop please🥺🥺.
    I'm a huge fan of Asus Vivobook S25 s531. But I'm really poor.🥺🥺
    I think it's not a big deal for Asus gift me a laptop.🥺🥺
    Will you please give me a laptop🥺🥺.

  5. Avatar

    When will zenfone max pro m3 launch

  6. Avatar

    Try to launch with amd ryzen.. We love to see that… Intel in dead now

  7. Avatar

    Jo man kiya launch kar diya . Wah asus

  8. Avatar

    asus really having fun with these elevating hinges, its such a good design. i hope they do this to all their laptops, its just so practical.

  9. Avatar

    We need an AMD version of this

  10. Avatar

    It is so expart😂😂😂

  11. Avatar

    Asus big fan
    For India ❤️

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    What is it's price

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    Quick ad
    Btw when android 6.0.1 have a new update?

  14. Avatar

    I have a problem of screen colour temperature changing on Asus Vivobook X512 DA. Please rectify it. Please give update.

  15. Avatar

    Asus has a repetition regarding product availability
    When is this getting released and when will it be available on Flipkart/ store

  16. Avatar

    Asus is too expensive in Brasil

  17. Avatar

    Where is android 10 stable update in Asus Zenfone max pro M2 ??

  18. Avatar

    Why that one can reach 32 gb ram and new ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX535 with a can't ?
    Where is the logic behind this, knowing this latter has a dGPU and the ExpertBook has none ?

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    A – Awesome
    S – Super
    U – Ultra
    S – Sleek

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    Hyyyyyyy alokkkk kada koruchu….

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    ASUS please make a Budget LAPTOP like it should have 1tb HardDrive or more with 128gb Ssd , INTELCORE i5, It Should have CD driver, good battery, and all ports , with modern style and good accessibility like finger Print/ Voice Recognition/ face unlock, and thin light doesn't matter.

  22. Avatar

    Shame B9 is literally nowhere to be found in Europe… Does anyone knows if this updated version offers 400 nit 1W screen like 425/435 series?

  23. Avatar

    Price ky hai??

  24. Avatar

    Waiting for AMD

  25. Avatar
    Jayeshbhai Vaghasiya

    Very good

  26. Avatar

    Excellent Excellent Excellent experience

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    Сергій Куксін

    I want this laptop !

  28. Avatar

    This Leptop 5G saport or not

  29. Avatar

    Asus is the master of aesthetics

  30. Avatar

    My phone asus zenfone zoo7

  31. Avatar

    I love the design 💕
    I ♥️ A S U S

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    The cable of my charger broke just when warranty ended thanks to the shitty design of it bending on the same spot everytime. Now i can't afford a new 100€ charger that I'd have to get from some shady place as god knows when they'll start selling extra parts for my asus laptop model in my region. Disappointed after putting my trust in them.

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    Dauntless Sherwood


  34. Avatar

    ASUS. Pay top dollar. Get a product that's dead in 6 months.

  35. Avatar

    RJ-45 over micro HDMI is still better than no RJ-45.

  36. Avatar

    Asus offering free computers to people in North American because Asus hates their European consumers. If you live in Europe avoid ASUS, they see you as a second class customer!

  37. Avatar

    Do not buy ASUS laptops. Trust me on this. Their quality is the worst (at least in India) – my first purchase was faulty (took a month of running around to get it replaced) and the replacement packed up in 1.5 years. Today I am running around during COVID peak just to get it repaired. Their customer care was even ignorant of where their service center.
    Ps: I am an authentic user and can share the screenshots of the defective piece, my escalation and the subsequent wrong information their customer care provided. Specs are not everything.

  38. Avatar

    Asus ROG phones are a piece of junk. It does not offer anything. My brother brought ROG2 with his first salary and the phone has been twice to service center already due to hardware problems. Request you all to avoid these phones at all cost. There are no updates. And ASUS customer care is filled with incompetent baboons who don't have decency to reply back to mails. Such companies are looting customers of their hard earned money in broad daylight, with marketing gimmicks.

  39. Avatar

    In future asus may simply kick out apple!!

  40. Avatar

    asus. you have to launch the ryzen 5 4th gen laptop under 45000 .. india..so that we , the poor students can buy…plz

  41. Avatar

    Yg versi 13" please 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  42. Avatar

    Asus is there a touchscreen version for this model

  43. Avatar

    When will the 10 version update of Asus Zenfone Pro Max 1 😡😠😠

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