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Ex-vaccine director: President is giving a very mixed message right now

Rick Bright, the ousted director of the office involved in developing a coronavirus vaccine, explains to CNN’s Jake Tapper why he is speaking out against the Trump administration.

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    The only mixed messages are coming from CNN.

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    CDC: Survival rate for COVID if your under age 70 is over 99%. If your above 70 it’s 94%. COVID deaths are being reported for deaths from physical trauma, and positive COVID test. Leftist politicians want you to be scared to garner your votes. Listen to facts not feelings. Question Governor Cuomo’s COVID response, New York has more COVID deaths than any other state by far. Trump is not your enemy the media is.

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    Dr. Bright spent his adult life becoming an expert on pandemics only to be pushed aside and out by President Trump. Instead of learning what he needed to know to lead our country against this foreign invader, Trump ignored the threat and took the easy path as he has been doing all his life. Thank you for your service Dr. Bright. There will be life after Trump.

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    COMMUNISM requires a forced VACCINATION against C19 that why Biden Harris are the only option to stop making America Great Again 🇨🇳✌️🇨🇳

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    He is the ex scientist for a reason.. he could not develop one quick enough .. seen like he has a beef with after he left or sacked

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    I'm so sad to hear of what they've done to you, Rick Bright. Hang in there!

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    how could anyone tell if he was in an irrational , lack-of-judgment-erratic state of being- thats just him naturally.

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    Hmm too bad this is not to be taken seriously cause its cnn lol

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    Thats because scientist have no answer to the plague right from the outbreak.He should not blame the president

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    "Dont operate heavy machinery, but go ahead & destroy the rest of America "

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    PROOF CNN preys on the dimwitted with UNHINGED TRASH CONSPIRACIES !

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    Meanwhile FOX NEWS is celebrating the RECORD HIGHEST RATINGS in ALL OF BROADCASTING HISTORY while CNN puts out unhinged conspiracy garbage & it shows why the Hallmark Channel beats them in ratings EVERY day !

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    Guy doesn't mince words!
    Too bad that those who are most in need to listen what he says most likely won't hear it; I doubt that he'll be invited to a show on Fox News.

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    Mollie Langridge

    He is not mentally stable and has not been for quite a while now call for the 25 Amendment
    Now don’t wait any longer do it now as he is telling you lies about the virus this is a very dangerous virus and will kill many more people act now
    This man is in no state to run
    Your country.PLEASE LISTEN
    To the Experts.🙏🏼

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    Oh whatever you dopes

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    The election is rigged… unless I win.
    The news is fake… unless it's flattering.
    Everything is a hoax… unless I tweet it.
    Nepotism is bad… unless it's my family.
    I'm rich… but you can't see my taxes.
    I'm smart… but you can't see my grades.
    I'm successful… but my business fail.
    My staff is the best… until I fire them.
    I'm innocent… but I stop staff from testifying.

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    SILENT MAJORITY IS WATCHING…..FAKE NEWS……PROPAGANDA? What a joke! What are you people fighting so hard for? EXPOSURE?

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    please someone explain to me how this man has supporters still…..

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    Trump is a toddler who was elected by the deplorables of America.
    Ok not all are but what the hell?

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    Dr Rick Bright, you are ethical, professional, knowledgeable and patriotic! I am sure you and many other experts are going through very difficult times to work with people do not believe in the scientific truth. Please do not be discouraged. Please keep up the good work. We need people like you.

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    How did we get here?

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    The Democrats only speak of listening to scientists when convenient to them …

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    Capt'Wes Starwind

    Rampant Cronyism and Corruption. Check

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    As I think about why so many are sick and why we citizens of The United States of America are disproportionally affected, as compared to the rest of the world, a realization came to me in the form of a song by Kenny Rogers. I now see The President as The Gambler, "You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them. Know when to walk away, know when to run. You don't count your money while you're sitting at the table. There's time enough for counting when the dealings done" But he not a good gambler, he does not know when to fold them or when to run. For example: When you know the situation is dire, (Feb. 2020), doubling down is a real gamble. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, In light of how many people are sick and dead, I really am wondering if there is truth in what is being politicized. I am seriously thinking about a president who will take us down a little better thought out path, with a real plan. It is really difficult to continue to put up with the lying, the constant lying of the current administration, backed by a huge majority of Republican leaders. Maybe the last phrase should be, "You don't count your money while you're killing all these people. There's time enough for counting when the IRS is done. I'm not considering this because The other candidate is so much better, I am giving these thoughts consideration because I have seen the way the current President talks, the things he does, the causes he endorses, and the wealthy and élite that he caters to. Since he has had help pushing his crown achievement tax bill through, I have had my federal taxes increase by nearly 100%. That is the kind of tax break I do not need. I'm thinking very seriously about whether I am better off now or just about four short years ago. Sorry for the rant I woke up this morning with a fever and am looking for a place to go get tested… I just keep wondering about the wearing of face masks and the position The President has maintained. In writing this rant I have come to the conclusion the best way to help is to stay quarantined, get a test, and in November, VOTE. The current President and his supporters have had an opportunity to see if the "business man" can do a better job. The results are in: He gambles with our lives with his voodoo Covid 19 impulsive, worse than do nothing plan at a conservative cost of 100,000 lives. He has weakened the middle class of our country to a class of indentured servants. He is planning to end the small farmers by first cutting farm subsidies, putting excise taxes on farm equipment, raising the cost of fuel, and reducing the tax breaks for farmers with fewer than 250 employees or fewer than 100,000 acres. He is going to take care of farmers alright, the biggest farmers will be well taken care of. The ironic part is that he is going to put the screws to the very people who support him the most. He plans to be the law and order President, he is going to supply military weapons, equipment, and advisors. Then he will train those most loyal to him to be SS style stormtroopers and create Fake events for his crack troops to deal with while he declares marshal law, become the Trumpen Fuhrer all with the support of his new party Die Falsche Arbeiterpartei. Failing to take power by force as a businessman , Trump eventually won power by democratic means. Now in power, he will eliminate all opposition and launch an ambitious program of world domination and elimination of the peoples not white.

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    cnn is horrible

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    Reality in itself tells eveyone, protecting life ensures dealing with the criminals

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    Bidens plan ! 👉 https://youtu.be/ISmHXpJx6nE

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    trump supporters are evil people that dont care

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    If you complain and hate about all the evil things Trump and his administration does, vote for Biden even if you are not enthusiastic about him. We have to make sure to get rid of the evil, racist, immoral, divisive Trump and his party to save us all!!!

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    I agree to everything Ex vaccine director say. Its a shame to finally know about TRUMP. MAN WITH NO MERCY AND COMPASSION. Pardon me for saying this.

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    Evelyn Rodriguez

    Donald Trump is unfited and reckless person to be running our country know he's even worse since he knows that if he loses thy elections he's going to face justice and is going to be held accountable and prosecuted then be put in jail dam murderer.

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    18mmcoo TMLCOOPER

    Trump isn’t of sound mind on a good day! There are still good people out there like Rick Bright, Dr. Fauci (has been silenced by the WH) doctors, scientists, experts where the world is on a vaccine that will control COVID-19! Thank you!
    Like Kamala Harris said in last night’s debate, “if Dr. Fauci said it is ok to take the vaccine, she’d the first!…just not coming from Trump!

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    Correct, I wanna know how the health of those who were at the event with trump. Trump can talk all over his face bout his treatment but he probably had the best and most doctors who aren't overwhelm or burden with communities of ppl comin into the hospitals in numbers…he had the doctors undivided attention

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    Massey Forbusiness

    America could've been a model for the world on how to combat and get through COVID-19 if only this "president" would've taken the proper protocol from as SOON AS the word came out about it..

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    Anybody and everybody please keep your distance from this ridiculous jerk.

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    Dem state rep exposed

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    Anybody and everybody keep your distance from this ridiculous jerk. He`s contageous.

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