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Ex-QAnon believer breaks his silence. How he escaped the viral cult

Jitarth Jadeja found QAnon in 2017. The 32-year-old spent two years entrenched in the virtual cult. His biggest regret? Sharing the conspiracy theory with his father. CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan reports.
One day in June 2019, Jadeja went outside to smoke a cigarette. For two years he’d been in the virtual cult of QAnon. But now he’d watched a YouTube video that picked apart the last element of the theory he believed in. Standing there smoking, he would say later, he felt “shattered.” He had gone down the QAnon rabbit hole; now, having emerged from it, he had no idea what to do next.
The most basic QAnon belief casts President Trump as the hero in a fight against the “deep state” and a sinister cabal of Democratic politicians and celebrities who abuse children. And it features an anonymous government insider called “Q” who purportedly shares secret information about that fight via cryptic online posts.
Travis View is a conspiracy theory researcher who co-hosts the podcast “QAnon Anonymous.”
The theory’s believers “always fantasize that they are saving children and they’re bringing criminals to justice,” View says. “But QAnon only hurts people. It has helped nobody.”

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    When I was a kid in the 80s there were tons of Q-like conspiracy theories floating through the evangelical community.
    Basically the UN was controlled by the Antichrist and was secretly funding shows like the Smurfs and Dungeons & Dragons to indoctrinate children into the occult to get them ready to accept the one-world satanic government… we just didn’t have the internet to really propagate those theories beyond the fringes…

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    I appreciate his honesty

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    This is a typical. Where would you find info about "QAnon". You would use google(China/Domestic Data Farming) to search it. "QAnon" search engine spits out "QAnon" Conspiracy.. In hyprbole its google the whole time. Until you search the theory. Then it becomes you. "Im not a conspiracy theorists i google" You wont see any QAnon meeting places or gathering, protest or assembly's. Its all in how you search. Answers are for extraordinary place holders to truth seekers. Nothing mattered to Hitler not Paris France, Reba(Debt). Its polarizing the world today but at some point smart men jus say hmmm, where to next.

    The Cross

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    Smh… If you need answers or want answers just read the bible and not online get the actual Bible.

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    Don'tBelieveTheHype IXXI

    I love CNN. Nothings but facts and truth.

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    These people need therapy to break their addiction to these theories. It’s crazy. These people are a danger to society.

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    Who cares about Q? Why don't they talk about antifa though? They actually commit crimes. Q is only crazy talk. It's a distraction from the real evil group. DemocRats

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    Yeah, now if we could only wake up and start taxing churches that have some crazy belief systems as well.

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    so many gullible people that is how cults take advantage of them

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    Trump even admitted once that he didn’t care nothing about these people and that he could say literally anything, even threaten their families and they would still believe in him. He was actually making fun of them a long time ago and these fools still idealize him. Only a idiot would idolize another idiot.

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    These are domestic terrorists and soon will go out of control. We will soon see white ISIS in USA unless something is done. But when the president himself gives them legitimacy, only thing you can think after that is Hitler and Nazi Germany.

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    The Q crowd are weak minded and lazy. Use your head for more than a hat rack. THINK.

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    Before you vote, you must see this:

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    Q = Quisling. Perfect match for Trump. .

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    The more I teach you, the dumber I get!!!

    I have to be nice with my posts!! If i was nasty toward this guy, would you blame me?? He and others believe this…."QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory. It alleges that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against …" so on and so on…..But here is the kicker…..trump is the savior!@??! Of all the people in the known universe………The people that believe this Q stuff should have known this false or fake when his name came up!!

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    Completely tragedy wasting 2 years of one's life with fiction and hatred.

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    The "son" who conspired to steal his fathers $500 million fortune.

    The “genius” who hid his college grades. Trump did get an award for the "smartest" looking uniform in military school.

    The “patriot” who dodged the draft. And attacks dead Veterans and their widows. Google….."Trump attacks veteran families".

    The “businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 years.

    The "investor" who borrowed $800 million from 70 American banks…and lost it all. Trump can't even get loans from American banks anymore, too untrustworthy. Trump owes $400 million to what foreign banks or governments ?

    The “playboy” who pays for sex. The only contract Trump made good on was the one that Stormy Daniels lawyer forced upon him in court for $130,000.

    The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church.

    The "smart man" who declared bankruptcy SIX times and never paid his debts.

    The “philanthropist” who defrauds charity. Google .."Trump defrauds charity".

    The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns. Latest info says he paid $750 in 2017 and $750 in 2018 and zero taxes in 11 of 15 years. Google…."Trumps Taxes Exposed"

    The “innocent man” who refuses to testify. We watched the whole impeachment trial. 12 witnesses ordered to testify, 9 were no-shows ordered by Trump. 71 documents denied the trial. 55 days Trump held back aid to Ukraine until his bribe and extortion attempt was exposed.

    The "leader" who said racists, sex offenders and murderers are good people.

    The "pious" who orders the tear gassing of legal, peaceful American protesters and then stands in front of a church while holding a bible as a prop…..upside down.

    The "commander in chief" who committed 10 obstructions of justice * (see un-redacted Mueller Report)

    The "Potus" who was impeached in his first term in office…..and don't forget the majority of Rethuglicants that did zero to chastise him. Remember, Trump was using our $400million in tax money as his personal playing card money.

    The "president" who has no plan to defeat Covid 19…..and still has no plan. He admitted that again on TV. His plan is to let the virus run fast and loose through America while he get's the best of care from 10 doctors.

    (Direct quotes- "I take no responsibility", "It is what it is.")

    The businessman who was mentored by gangsters and mafia thugs. Just Google…"Trumps gangster connections".

    The man who calls those that served our our military "stupid, losers, suckers".

    If you're a conservative, you should be ashamed of your president.

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    It's about feeling special and having a sense of purpose instead of faceless and inconsequential. That's the allure of conspiracy theories.

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    There is a simple explanation, dude is vaping crack!!

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    It's no coincidence that Qanon devotees see Trump as the superhero that Trump wants every one to think he is.

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    Sebastian Michaelis

    One would postulate the the first step to "escaping the viral cult" would be to take your head out of your a**.

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    It IS scary when you learn the truth & it changes your reality; You wake up one day & realize it's all been lies! He was almost there…. poor guy.
    A "baseless conspiracy"?? No, it's a threat to fake media & the elite puppetmasters … & they KNOW it!
    If we know the truth, they lose control. And that, my friends, is why they hate Q!

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    What I just don’t understand about Qanon is why would military generals recruit a guy who has been openly gross about how sexy he thinks his own daughter is and who was best buds with Epstein? Is that glaring hypocrisy not at all apparent to these idiots?

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    This all has to do with ignorant people believing they have secret knowledge that the rest of us “sheep” do not. It’s how idiots feel special, intelligent and superior to others, it very much is an online cult.

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    his PC setup is baller.

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    How do we know that Trump isn't Qanon? He never seems to answer anyone straight 🧐 Biden does this sometimes,but Trump has years of this habit???🧐

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    shannon lancaster

    Who I say WHO STARTED

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    G stop over eating! Take charge of yourself. It’s gross.

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    Lol he looks like he’s paid to do this 😑
    “Baseless” cnn is baseless NEWS

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    This is fake news ! And these people are going to prison when trump is re elected hopefully! Litterly just grabbing random shit and pasting it together

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    I can't understand how anyone with two functional brain cells could possibly fall for QAnon crap.

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    The internet is a great resource, but it has a dark side because it allows anyone to post a theory however bizar. We are already in an age of misinformation and reality denial, not just QAnon, but flat earth theory, or the one that states all our history is fake for example. These fringe belief systems target fearful, willfully ignorant, low IQ or/and poorly educated people and over time through an inability to rationalise or analyse critically these people are sucked in and radicalised. I agree they need a pathway back with dignity, but denial of reality, and incessant dismissal of facts is mind blowingly frustrating to deal with on a one to one basis, and I speak from experience. The radicalisation indoctrinates them to fear or disdain intellectuals and science. Even common sense is compromised. There needs to be a confidential, free and readily available network of help groups composed of professional psychological and psychiatric counselors that people can turn to for help. I am suggesting something like the Samaritans organisation, but the focus not on talking people out of suicide but talking people back from radical brainwashing. It's a minefield, a labyrinth of unimaginable complexity for someone to help another to navigate. Logic and presentation of facts don't work and I know because I have tried that on people. Something definitely needs to be done because it is becoming dangerous. We have people in society right now with mindsets akin to those of individuals in the dark ages, It is alarming in the extreme.

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