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Ex-boxer jailed on drug charges granted clemency by Trump after Obama denial

Former Boxer, Charles ‘Duke’ Tanner, convicted of drug charges, thanks President Trump for giving him a second chance. #FoxNews #Ingraham

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  1. Avatar

    Welp, I don't usually watch Fox, but when I do…it's very much so worth watching. The like to dislike ratio tells ya everything ya need to know…

  2. Avatar

    I love people who give praise & glory to the Savior Jesus Christ.

  3. Avatar

    Biden is such a lier

  4. Avatar
    Deplorable Trumper

    Here we have a fine example of President Trump working on behalf of an American Citizen, even while he is in the process of showing The American people how much he wants to work for them.

    The best example that Joe Byedone came come up regarding caring for an American Citizen? "People were able to quarantine because ‘some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf'
    Yeah–uh–okay, Joe! Thanks for that statement there.

    Duke—it ain't a fluke that you are out because of Trump.

  5. Avatar

    Sold crack, interview he looks pretty clean and fresh. I'm just saying…..

  6. Avatar

    Great news, gotta love 2nd chance!

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    ASAP Rocky's sorry behind should take a few notes from my man here. Trump and the boys helped him out when Sweden arrested him and wanted to put him away for 6 months for a bogus assault charge. He got back to the states and didn't give the Trump team so much as a thank you.. Weak.. The should've just let his arse stay over there and suck up that wack Swedish justice.

  9. Avatar

    I wish this guy well. He'll need to make some big changes or he'll end up back into drugs. Different a friends, avoid some family members, stay away from the hood if possible, stay in the bible, get a job and find a good hobby.

  10. Avatar

    When the democrats call trump a racist it’s not against black people they mean against Democrats

  11. Avatar

    Congratulations 🎊 and praise God. Duke is disqualified by the demo because he is is praising Trump and God

  12. Avatar

    Trump is the worst racist I have ever seen clearly. He is terrible for the role.

  13. Avatar

    Welcome home my brother.

  14. Avatar
    Teena Felix-Maravillas

    This video made me teary-eyed. Thank God for second chances and using President Donald Trump to do His will.

  15. Avatar

    Trump is the worst racist person in the world.. he keeps letting black felons out!

  16. Avatar
    The Champion Of Games

    All it is a way is to pander for the black vote. Trump dont care about this man at all! He never met the guy.. all he want is your vote.

  17. Avatar

    What a great man. He did not deserve to lose what Bidens law stole from him. Meanwhile Biden hides his sons drug crimes and gets away with it.

  18. Avatar

    Joe Biden turned the Obama administration the single most corrupt administration in American history.

  19. Avatar

    Let them all out! Bs charges! Trump 2020
    Edit: wow I actually cried

  20. Avatar

    This is impossible. Trump is a racist. Must be fake news. There’s no way this could happen. Right ? Right ? Right BLM? Right ANTIFA? Right ?

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar
    This is MAGA Country

    Biden and Kamala would put him back in prison.

  23. Avatar

    Praise Jesus

  24. Avatar

    Great story, good luck out here brother.

  25. Avatar

    I don't need to change my vote

  26. Avatar

    Joe is pathetic and absolutely a Disgrace. I would never vote for joe Or any DemocRat

  27. Avatar
    Robert Shrewsbury

    Forgiveness, Clemency is done out of love and the belief in Jesus the Christ who's guidelines and standards are tops.

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