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Europe battle rising COVID-19 surge

European leaders are struggling to figure out how to bring down soaring infection numbers.
In Germany, more than 10,000 people have died and Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Germans that their actions will determine the direction the pandemic takes.
As cases surge, the French health minister is warning hospitals cannot cope while in Poland the president himself is in quarantine after testing positive.

Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba reports on restrictions across Europe.

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    Punishment of God for recent assault on mosque. For entering inside with the boots on & with dogs

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    European having a very tough time… and they never learning

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    we cannot defeat a virus who spreads by air unless we all wear 24/7 biohazard suits……..since that is not possible only way to succeed is by a vaccine …….lets say tomorrow this vaccine appears , we are over 7 billions on this planet, so we have to produce at least 5 billion doses considering those who got sick /died so far, and distribution,programming ,making this vaccine woud take at least 6 months ………so,anyway u look it , we will live with corona fot at least 1 year from now , for those who live in cityes there are 70% chances to get this disease in this time , that mask that everyoane talks about is a joke in front of corona spreading power……only way to be 100% sure u coud not get it is to go and live offgrid in remote areas with very few or none human contact until vaccin is availble.

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    Omg….. its BS!

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    mother mature is getting rid of over populated humans. the earth can't survive otherwise. less humans less pollution. not that i not upset about this tragedy just that i see it as absolutely normal for mother earth immune system kicking in to survive the virus (humans) on its body. because too many of them r dangerous for its survival
    rip all thr victims. may we see better days in future

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    More lies. Is Al Jazeera juice controlled?

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    Please stop harassing the world with this corona virus πŸ™
    We are already unemployed and hand to mouth

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    Be fearful Allah otherwise punishments will be never stop

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    ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ

    thanks for the report al jazeera

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    Why is everyone afraid of dying? Soon or later humans will die

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    People are dying of suicide, proverty and unemployment too bcz of covid, why not show those news?

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    Why health care wants to kill people??
    They just playing to kill people!

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    docter look like johny sins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.

    Ask your ambassador in Thailand. Ask him to write a PLAYBOOK how thai people won over covid-19 pandemic combat. Step by step.

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    Not nuclear war or global warming make this, but "just" deadly virus.. I think every leader consider biotechnology warfare & medical/health infrastructure in the future ya

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    Total scsmdemic

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    nothing different between earlier flu infections and corona. Every year when we come down with the flu we cancel our visits to friends or to parties by saying, "i've got the flu so I won't come over and pass it to others" So what's new and different about this one…The big scare attached to it like it is a BOGEY MAN waiting to get you if you touch or hug a friend or gather together in groups. Please note that last year the worldwide infection rate for pneumonia was 450 million! This year it is only 40 million and possibly with the chill of winter we can add another 40 million. That is still 80 million in total. If you know your math 80 million is way way less than last year 450 Million. But we are being herded like sheep to wear masks and treated as untouchables if we contract this flu. It's so ridiculous as Corporates who rule the Planet do not want to admit that their screwed up our air with mindless development that poisoned our air with high frequency internet. Aerosols are nothing else but toxins in the air from industries, coal burning and what not, so you don't need a virus. If the air is poisoned enough it can make you very sick
    it's all because of Smartphones and High frequency based internet. WHO had warned earlier that wi fi causes cancer. Just look at everyone in the Western countries Europe and U.S.A. with their heads stuck into their wi fi phones 24×7, when just two hours of 4G or 5G internet can damage Human DNA irreversibly. Humans are on their death trip, their minds totally imprisoned into the black hole of internet addiction and wi fi endless agitation….no wonder they are showing signs of terrible viral diseases such as cancer and corona. The highest number of cancers is in the neck, head and now the chest region, OBVIOUSLY! There is NO HOPE for the Human race as the addiction is worse than alcohol or drugs. But don't blame it on the virus. The virus is the CONSEQUENCE and NOT the CAUSE.

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