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EU summit updates: Fishermen can't be Brexit sacrifices, says Macron

Among the blockages to a post-Brexit trade deal, is the battle for control of fishing rights.


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    I love the way politicians always talk about reducing emissions but none of them seem willing to talk about the biggest problem the world needs to address and that's reducing the human population. Let's start talking about the elephant in the room and what the world can do to ethically promote population reduction. Unless you deal with the root cause you will never truly solve the other problems.

  2. Avatar

    Simply put, they will not allow the UK to be free of the EU shackles.
    What they want and what they will get are two different things. We are in competition with them now, we do own our waters and can say who can fish them.
    Do we want access to the EU markets like the EU needs access to ours….ask the BMW boss for a start.
    If the EU want to sell to us then talk a trade deal but not with demands, it's not worth it.
    It will be hard in the UK if the UK walks away but it will soon be on its feet as it's free to trade world wide without the restrictions of EU trade rules that have held us back and killed our industries.
    Lets see how the EU fares going forward with no UK market access, fishing and its money….not that there won't be trade, it will continue at a reduced level.

  3. Avatar

    Is Macaroni praying.

  4. Avatar

    WHY NOT ? BRITISH fishermen were sacrificed so the E U COULD PLUNDER OUR WATERS for the last 40 years

  5. Avatar

    How about us deciding that they can have the English share 9% and and we will have their share 89% and see how they like it.

  6. Avatar
    If it ain't woke, Don't fix it

    Your right…British fishermen can't be the victims again 🇬🇧

  7. Avatar

    The UK EEZ is worth £5 billion….the EU don't want to give it up….in 10 weeks the UK will be in 100% control

  8. Avatar

    Fishermen can't be Brexit sacrifices? say that to our fishmen mr french man as we lost all ours because of the EU.

  9. Avatar

    Well macron you tell Merkel it will have to be German car workers jobs sacrificed, see how far that gets you

  10. Avatar

    Our fishermen were when we joined. The EEC said when they carved up our waters that our fishermen would have to retrain and find other ways of making a living. Well they can do that now. Boots on the other foot if Boris doesn't screw it up.

  11. Avatar

    Macron just cannot grasp their fishing days are over!
    Time to tow the trawlers off to the scrappers and teach the men to love life on the dole.

  12. Avatar

    Dammed cheek of it! he admits its British waters! . Your fishermen will have to do what ours did, find alternative work. Go open a frog or snail farm.🇬🇧

  13. Avatar

    WTF just Walk Away and Rip Up the Withdrawal Agreement, or are we just to accept being Bullied by the EU just so sad to see how far the UK has fallen.

  14. Avatar

    The French can now have a taste of what our fleets have had to put up with these past 40+ years 😉

  15. Avatar

    Macron ha ha ha ha

  16. Avatar

    Anyone want to buy a second hand French fishing trawler? 😁

  17. Avatar

    sorry we DONT need akces to The EU market we would prefer to to have it but we can make our own trade deals in the rest of the world the EU needs a deal more , and funny enough as the EU took our fishermen there livelihoods away and they lost there boats no one in Europe was behind the British fishermen so now the tables have turned and since yesterday we have our fishing grounds back and the rest of the EU must get a licence to fish from us naturally with quotas so not to brush everything in the sea up like they have done.

  18. Avatar

    Fishermen were sacrificed the were british . Its French turn now .ours have had 45 years of next to nothing from their own waters. No bloody deal

  19. Avatar

    British fishermen were victims of uk government who sold their quotas to highest bidder u English need to start dealing in facts not myths

  20. Avatar

    Fishing in UK waters is over.

  21. Avatar

    Our fishing grounds not yours. P. S off macaroni

  22. Avatar

    Yes but you were happy for our fishing communities to be sacrificed now taste your own medicine…

  23. Avatar

    macron is stupid. You want british peace by force. I say no deal

  24. Avatar

    EU does not Work Scrap it. no one is happy with EU. Tell me Any EU country happy with EU except the French and the Ex Russian Eastern European States like Poland Romania Lithuania

  25. Avatar

    Why not what goes around comes around, EU fishing gained by the destruction of UK fishing fleets without any thought for the UK's workforce. So go away and think what your organisation did to the UK before complaining about Brexit effects on EU fleets.

  26. Avatar

    Johnson's sphincter is slowly leaking gas.
    He'll give in, when it suits, and will have some jolly spiffing BS to explain.

  27. Avatar

    The eu sacrificed British fishermen in making 90% of them redundant when we joined!!!

  28. Avatar
    MayDay GoingDown!!

    When will the little irrelevent Snail muncher get it through his Garlic riddled tiny brain that NO country has any Leagal rite to fish UK fish stocks inside UK waters without the permission of the UK.
    He somehow thinks that law does not apply to France…hes about to find out the hard way that it does.

  29. Avatar

    Don't hold your breath, Boris will sell us down the river the same as he has done with his COVID lies and lockdowns. He's a globalist toadie, kowtowing to his NWO handlers. Spineless prick!

  30. Avatar

    Get real, and engage brain.
    The French fisherman is well and truly stuffed, he has two options
    No Deal then from 1 Jan 2021 he has lost over 60% of his fishing grounds, so he can make a lot of trouble, get his Yellow Jacket out and start causing trouble at the ports, which will damage the whole of EU as well as UK, but he will have some fun, and go down in a blaze of glory. But will achieve him very little as the fish markets , processors, and restaurants do not care about the nationality of who caught the fish.
    The second option is to accept a significantly reduced quota from Jan 2021 that will continue to reduce for 3 years, and then will be subject to annual renewal, IF the UK is happy. So this leaves to a slow and painful death.
    The sensible idea would be to go for option 2 and chase the compo, but I do not believe this will be the option they choose, from all their talk they seem like they will want to go down in a blaze of glory, in their bright Yellow Vests.

    The choice is theirs and Macrons

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    We may take, Paris and Berlin, in exchange for fishing rights. Ha ,ha

  33. Avatar

    Great Macron.
    No deal it is =
    Deep recession in Ireland =
    France doesnt care =
    Ireland leaving the EU.

  34. Avatar

    Macron, but you can be a Brexit sacrifice. Bring it on!

  35. Avatar

    No deal weve done

  36. Avatar

    What is the French Microbe going on about,,, We are heading for a no deal Brexit,, it was confirmed today by the EU saying they are not going to back down on their demands in which case, no european fishermen will be allowed to fish in British waters, thats NO EUROPEAN FISHERMEN ALLOWED TO FISH IN BRITISH WATERS just in case it hasent sunk in yet to their thick heads !!

  37. Avatar

    Walk away now no deal .

  38. Avatar

    Ted Heath's sheer duplicity comes back to haunt us all yet again.

  39. Avatar

    The EU is always concerned that the UK has put itself RIGHT where the EU's fist will hit-so it is ALWAYS the UK'fault,of course! END THIS CHARADE,FOUR YEARS and still NO progress. Accept that and move on and AWAY!

  40. Avatar

    They will be unless the EU agree a Canada +++ deal easy. If not what happened to the U.K. fishing fleet will happen to the EU fleet it’s pretty simple really

  41. Avatar

    On top of the yellow vest protests this will finish Micron. And he knows it.

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