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EU leader summit: Commission president withdraws to isolate

The pandemic has disrupted an EU summit in Brussels.
European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen abruptly left the talks on Brexit – after discovering she had been in contact with a COVID-19 infected person.
The meeting itself was centred around trade, including tricky negotiations on fishing rights.
Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports.

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  1. Avatar
    King Jerry Coleman IV

    Same reason France never wanted UK in the EU …..

  2. Avatar

    Good excuse not to lose face by crawling to London next week!

  3. Avatar

    Fishing means entering an Independent Countries waters Illegally , Governance means the EU can still tell what the UK can and must do .
    As for the level playing field , the Alps is more level than the EU

  4. Avatar

    Problem is, the EU over fish…watched a documentary that gave weights of fish taken by EU nations compared to Britain…..and living in Spain for some years, notice baby fish in the shops and on stalls. Also note, fish in Spain are a fraction of the price sold at in the UK, probably due them taking so many more fish. Then we have the EU super trawlers!!! Am no expert, this is just an observation.

  5. Avatar

    Foxtrot Oscar Michel. Mange des grenouilles au lien des poissons britannique

  6. Avatar
    Keith Edwin Smith

    They respect UK sovereignty and DEMAND access to British waters. All in the same breath!
    The EU have acted in bad faith for the whole of these so-called trade negotiations.
    I hope, but sadly doubt, that Boris will have the courage to walk away.
    It is 4 years since the people of the UK voted to escape from the undemocratic clutches of the Franco-German empire known as the EU.
    It is long overdue that this gets done and if the price is WTO it is a price well worth paying.

  7. Avatar

    Great negotiator Macron, now he can go back to his French fishermen and say you now will have no access to British Waters because I was a tough negotiator.

  8. Avatar

    Well done Macron ,you have now lost your fishermen any quotas for fish from British waters -anyone still got a guillotine ?

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Bunch of inbred freaks

  11. Avatar

    Macron is a pedo

  12. Avatar

    Happy days bye bye EU 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  13. Avatar

    Really!?! Couldn’t care less about British coastal communities when they were destroyed! What goes around cones around.

  14. Avatar

    Britain voted to leave and not for any deals that keep us in. We have met the deadline of the 15th so Boris needs to now tell the UK that we leave with No Deal and move to WTO. 4 years of waiting to leave this undemocratic union is long enough.

  15. Avatar

    What did the EU expect, when we said we wanted to leave the EU we are prepared to loose the benefits we got from the EU and the EU need to be prepared to loose the benefits they received from us. It isn't rocket science. We need to leave on WTO and not pay a penny.

  16. Avatar

    Deal some fish, no deal no fish!

  17. Avatar

    Ironically under no deal France will still lose the right to fish in UK waters and therefore nothing changes regardless of a deal (UK terms) or no deal. Difficult to see what Macron is trying to achieve, either way it's the same result.

  18. Avatar

    No compromise is needed it’s our waters and our rules that’s what we voted for

  19. Avatar

    What a bunch of twisted ideological short memory our foreign friends possess. Reality is we own, the land, the water and the fish. Time to say goodbye as, exfriends and put our fishermen back to work

  20. Avatar

    Now you dont have a deal and wont get one , so suck it up , and by the way you have no fish either

  21. Avatar

    Macron the fool went from having something to now having nothing , what a doughnut, and Barnier don't bother coming with the same old deal that you want us to agree to , get it through your head we wont sign up to it

  22. Avatar

    Stop talking to these people . Leave the EU now no delay.

  23. Avatar

    Eat 💩macron

  24. Avatar

    Uschi going into isolation voluntarily is the best decision of the day, I dare say..

  25. Avatar

    EU, get out of British waters.. Just accept other countries' physical and economic borders or you will have more conflict than you already are able to manage.. Manage anything besides money that is..

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