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Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 – Crash Animation [X-Plane 11]

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This video documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses, and initial news reports may be unreliable. The last updates to this video may not reflect the most current information. Please feel free to improve this article or discuss changes on the talk page.

The plane in the video is a 737NG not a MAX. Currently there is no MAX for the simulator.

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  1. Avatar

    poor design and poor workaround. those who were responsible should be fired.

  2. Avatar

    How to shoot a plane from the outside?

  3. Avatar

    That’s was very scary to see. Apparently the impact was so strong that it left quite the crater 🙁

  4. Avatar

    You wouldnt have a second to think the plane implodes then explodes

  5. Avatar

    Sad God bless all the lives & family from this tragedy…x

  6. Avatar

    Damn that’s sad RIP from 🇸🇴

  7. Avatar

    So you want your Boeing to be safe ? So you'll have to buy the safety option…

  8. Avatar

    Fucking dumb Muricans should acknowledge that their so-called advanced technology is shit and primitive…

  9. Avatar

    Why would u still keep flying and not stopping when u noticed the problem right at take off🤦….he kept going

  10. Avatar

    My god that had to be the most terrifying thing ever😭…..as it started tilting down I can't imagine the horror they felt. Jesus

  11. Avatar

    I went one one of these planes, just not the same airline

  12. Avatar

    As a German I would never fly with a Boeing Plane! In comparasion to Airbus the Americans dont know what they doing

  13. Avatar

    Царствия небесного… rip

  14. Avatar

    Eugene Steele former FAA attorney, Air crash investigator, 747 pilot. Boeing was considered a pilots AC rather than fly by wire. Several Fly by wire AC have crashed. The pilots were not experienced enough to handle the emergency. There was no procedure.
    Not unlike automatic cars and buses that will be upon us.

  15. Avatar

    Pilots are getting younger and younger. I’m 41 and I don’t think I could hold it together in this situation. I wonder how these young men handled the situation. I know they did their best. I think a pilot with 200 hours should be riding with a vet pilot.

  16. Avatar

    When are they going to approve monthly lessons (even if need to pay fees) for the public people for Emergency Ejection for passengers or atleast Parachutes?

    Incase of anymore future flight malfunctions or serious situations

  17. Avatar

    The problem boeing 737 Max 8
    Rest in peace my brothers and sisters it is hearting to much😥😥😥😥

  18. Avatar

    The poor innocent people on that plane RIP
    The plane was descending almost vertically and the poor passengers must have expierience day negative G-force

  19. Avatar

    The passengers must have expierienced negative G-force before the crash

  20. Avatar

    Why am I watching this before my flight

  21. Avatar

    How would the MCAS system effect the plane accelerating?

  22. Avatar

    For an insightful overview of the information in the Preliminary Report by an experienced commercial pilot, view;

  23. Avatar

    I am not sure if I wanna ride in it even after the software update. Once MCAS goes full kamikaze, no pilot can override it.

  24. Avatar

    based on preliminary FDR data, they were at constant airspeed at 250kts (which was normal), but then in last 30 seconds they dived, and went to around 500kts

  25. Avatar

    why was the co-pilot so in experienced?

  26. Avatar

    5:21 an animated plane is disturbing content? How SOFT has this country gotten?!

  27. Avatar

    So the accident basically had the same cause/issue as Qantas Airlines Flight 72..?

  28. Avatar

    Imagine what those poor pilots in the front must have said in their last few words we should have taken the 737 MAX 8 similuator course scheduled for 3/10/2019! They must have said we should have taken the simulator course first and we would be alive today!!!

  29. Avatar

    I had a huge experience couple of days ago, I was flying by Indigo(India) domestic, so there was a wings problem, pilot medam could not able to see the runway moreover, there was very bad weather problem, huge thunderstorms. God saved us and obviously the 2 pilots too.
    Thanks to them. And I am alive now🤘

  30. Avatar

    :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( may they all RIP

  31. Avatar

    The pilot should have taken the 737 MAX 8 similuator course scheduled for 3/10/2019!

  32. Avatar

    I'm so scared ,i flying tomorrow evening in airlines Qatar ,why I watched it??

  33. Avatar

    Boeing executives could give a flying fuck about these innocent people, only their fucking profits. SUE THESE FUCKERS INTO OBLIVION! THEN TAX THE FUCKING RICH!

  34. Avatar

    Lazy greedy assholes. They did not reengineered the whole plane to fit the bigger jet engines. They took the easy way by developing a software and the cost was 348 souls.

  35. Avatar

    I’m a cabin crew. My heart just stopped 😱

  36. Avatar

    The beginning track is dope a/f. How can I find that ? Please help

  37. Avatar

    you just cut the plane crash sence because x plane will said "You blew one or more tires"

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